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Baseball Monster is for serious daily players, with a system that saves you time and effort and helps you win. Our projections are managed daily, with real-time injury and status adjustments, and qualified with park factors, matchups, and more. Our lineup tools are a must for regular daily players.
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We are transferring our proven z-score system from Basketball Monster into the Fantasy Baseball world. With Baseball Monster you gain an advantage over your opponents by starting with an objective scoring system. You can use our projections or import your own, but either way, you gain the advantage of using our system and tools.
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"I'm an investor by trade, so I'm always looking for an edge. BaseballMonster (and BasketballMonster) is my unfair advantage. The analysis, player rankings and community are without compare, and provide insights that have dramatically changed the way I approach fantasy sports. I owe my bragging rights -- and earnings -- to them."  - liam4
"There are two ways to win in fantasy baseball – dominating the draft and always being one step ahead of your competition. Baseball Monster does both by providing tools to precisely value player and stats no matter what your scoring system is and offering complex statistical analysis that is easy to use and understand. Whether you’re looking at a head-to-head match-up, how balanced your team is, or whether a trade makes sense for you Baseball Monster will give you the advantage you need to win your league."  - silentjim
"Baseball Monster is hands down the best fantasy baseball site around. It has so many different tools to offer starting with the draft tracker. From the very beginning you are at an extreme advantage over your competitors. On top of it all, the staff and community are extremely knowledgeable and always there to answer questions. I cannot imagine playing in a league without a membership to BM!"  - tomm0
"This site has really helped me learn a whole another level about valuing players. I feel that I am able to now generate more value on the waiver wire and through trades that no one else in my league can see or realize."  - jrwax2
You hooked me with the real-time draft tool. And now I banked first place for the first time in my $200 10 man H2H league. Big thanks to the weekly matchup tool, weekly projections, box scores, Yahoo! connectivity and news updates. Thanks guys! I heart this site somethin' fierce!"  - oily
"This is my second year as a subscriber and I can't find a site that I check more than this one. As a data freak, you can't ask for a better site and the additions and updates make the price all the more worth it. Keep up the great work!"  - Muybien