How are player values calculated?

Player values are based on the standard score statistic, where a value of 0.0 is the average for your league. Anything positive is better than the league average, negative worse. As a general guideline, a value of 2.0 and above for an individual category is very good, -2.0 and below, really bad. For a more detailed description of standard scores, please click here.

How often are the projections updated?

Before the regular season, we update the projections a few times a week and likely more often once the spring games begin. During the season, projections are automatically updated nightly, and then manually tweaked twice per week (usually Thu/Sun and for major events). Injuries are updated multiple times each day.

How does Category "Punting" work?

In your league, if you ever decide to give up on a category, you can "Punt" it. In this case, the Values on the website will not include the punted categories. However, since others in your league still value that category, we show the LeagueV/League$ (value/dollars to the rest of the league including the punted categories) and the Punt+ (the additional value gained by the player through punting).

What are Positional Values?

Positional Values are values adjusted based on the strength of each player's positions. For instance, cathers have a lower average value so their Positional Values get a boost.

What are Ease Rankings?

Ease Rankings tell you how easy it is to score fantasy points against an opposing team. Ease Rankings are similar to player values but are for an entire team. The higher the Ease Value, the easier it is to score fantasy points against that team.

What are the Player Status values?

 Minor Leagues
 Out for season
 Coming off surgery
 2015 Free Agent
 Not in lineup
 Not in lineup - rest
 Not in lineup - injury

What is the Own column?

The Own column contains a color if the player is owned by one of the league teams. Here are the color codes:

           My Player Active
           My Player Inactive
           Other Team Player Active
           Other Team Player Inactive

How do I create a balanced team?

Go to Team Analysis, and analyze your team. Ideally, all of your values will be over zero and similar in value. To get a better analysis, only include the regular starters of your team. Your bench should be strong in the areas where your starters are weak.