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avatartomm0  3/18/2015 9:10 AM

I can't believe I JUST noticed this existed on Basketball Monster today, but could you possibly add to the list of things to bring over here?
Also, is there any way to include an updated Team Analysis as part of the Trade Analysis tool?  Thanks!

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avatarkslight  3/18/2015 11:35 AM

Yes, the Summary Only can be added, and there are plans to combine some tools too (Trade/Team/Proj. Stand).

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avatarsautah  3/19/2015 2:10 PM

I'm a basketball monster user as well.  What is the "summary only" feature discussed above?

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avatarkslight  3/19/2015 2:42 PM

Rather than showing each team in separate tables (along with their players), the Summary Only, shows all team totals in one table.

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avatarsautah  3/20/2015 8:10 AM

Thanks Ken.  Sorry, but where exactly is this function?  What tab?  I can't seem to find anything that says "Summary Only".  I'd love to see each team's totals as described above.

Thanks again.

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avatarkslight  3/20/2015 8:14 AM

This is not available on the baseball site yet, but is on the basketball site under Team Analysis.

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avatarsautah  3/20/2015 9:32 AM

Found it and I love it!  I can't believe (same as tomm0) I haven't noticed this before.


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