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avatarmymaus  3/27/2013 2:09 PM

I think I used to be able to do this as of Monday. Today it seems to only allow projected standings for my custom projections. If you could put a setting on the projected standings page asking whether to use custom projections, that would be great or what am I doing wrong?

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avatarkslight  3/27/2013 3:08 PM

Yes, that makes sense, and we need to take custom projections into account on this page.  I will look at it tonight and have something for tomorrow. Thanks


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avatarkslight  3/28/2013 6:42 AM

The Projected Standings now allow using or not using your custom projections.

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avatarmymaus  3/28/2013 2:10 PM

Unbeleivably fast!

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avatarkslight  3/28/2013 2:36 PM

That was an easy one smile

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