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avatarthegreek  3/29/2015 9:38 AM

I've had great success using the basketball product but this is the first time I'm committing to using it for baseball. There are some obvious differences in player valuations as compared with other services and I'm concerned about relying on this product for my baseball drafts. For example, is Kershaw really that much more valuable than Trout?

Can anyone give some feedback on this product and how best to use it?


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avatarkslight  3/29/2015 11:01 AM

The Valuation process is the same for the two sites. However, for baseball, hitters and pitchers are evaluated separately since their settings are different.  Kershaw is relatively better than Trout compared to the average pitcher, but I would consult the ADP to determine when it's best to draft a player.  Typically, Trout will go first and then Kershaw in the top 3 for most drafts.

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avatarthegreek  3/29/2015 6:57 PM

Thanks for the response. But in an auction wouldn't the goal be to accumulate the highest combined value in both hitting and pitching. I used BBM projections and auction values in an 18 team auction last week and ended up with Kershaw for $38, Altuve $32, Abreu for $31, Brantley $26, Gattis $16, Chapman $21 and have the highest overall value of +3.35 combined. Based on your rankings I'm by far the strongest team but CBS ranked me towards the middle of the pack. Should I be feeling good about my team based on the 3.35 value and  positional values of 7.55 and 6.54 in hitting and pitching, respectively? Just hoping there are no flaws in the way I used the software during my draft.

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avatarkslight  3/29/2015 7:33 PM

I haven't seen your roster, but with those values, it sounds like a solid team.

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avatarthegreek  3/29/2015 7:52 PM

Thanks to you! I'm preparing for another 18 team auction and based on my settings BBM values Kershaw at $68 and Trout at $51 yet I paid $14 less for Kershaw than Trout went for in my last auction. Would you say I'm getting much greater value in Kershaw for $38 than Trout for $52? Your projections and auction values say hell yes! Would you agree or am I missing something?

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avatarkslight  3/29/2015 7:53 PM

What are your league settings including dollar amounts?

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avatarthegreek  3/29/2015 8:05 PM

17 team league, standard 5x5, 9 pitchers 13 hitters, $260 budget. I set total hitting dollars at $165 and pitching at $95 in my settings.

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avatarkslight  3/29/2015 8:11 PM

The pricing looks good, and we suggest setting hitters to the active count and the pitchers to the active count + # bench pitchers since we assume bench pitchers are active when pitching. You could also set the # of $1 hitters and pitchers to 1 (or more) until the top player prices look close to what you're expecting.

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