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avatarmymaus  4/7/2015 1:51 PM

I stumbled across this accidently.  Kershaw is pitching on 4/11. BBM H2H Daily shows his Red Dot on 4/12 but stats show up if I put a check mark under 4/11. Not sure what is wrong but until fixed, we need to be careful about using data regarding when SP's start.

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avatarkslight  4/8/2015 7:24 AM

I could not repeat the issue you're seeing. Does it still look incorrect to you?

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avatartsfloyd  4/8/2015 7:17 PM

What is this red dot that you speak of?


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avatarkslight  4/8/2015 7:24 PM

You should see a red icon for pitchers when they are projected to start.

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avatartsfloyd  4/8/2015 8:20 PM

On which pages, and where does the dot appear?


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avatarkslight  4/8/2015 8:22 PM

H2H Daily

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