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avatarWhite&Nerdy  4/13/2015 10:37 AM

Still trying to figure this site out and use it for all of its worth, but is there a tool that shows us who our best option is to start that specific day? Not playing in a H2H league, so for rotisserie is there a setting that shows you who you should start and bench each day according to teh matchup?

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avatarkslight  4/13/2015 10:41 AM

For daily transactions, you can use the Daily Projections page and set the filter to "Available & My Players" to see the best starts for the day.  This will show your players and free agents only.  If you have "Apply Baseball Monster Factors" checked, the rankings will take the matchup into consideration.

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avatarWhite&Nerdy  4/13/2015 10:46 AM

Awesome! Thank you!

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