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avatarholty85  4/18/2015 8:15 AM

I'm struggling with this....I play in an OBP league...I'm punting power(HR, RBI) playing to win Hits, Runs, SB, OBP....projections say stick with Revere but I know Souza has tremendous talent/potential & we have seen that so far with Souza out playing Revere....I have plenty of other SB sources plus Souza himself could steal 20 bags this year...should I bite the bullet and make the move?

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avatarkslight  4/18/2015 8:26 AM

They are trending in opposite directions so if you don't need the SB and can take a hit in avg, then it's not too risky of a move. We still have Revere batting at the top of the order for much of the season, but he's been batting at the bottom the last few games.  Souza has stuck at #2 all year so there's a little more stability with him too.

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avatarholty85  4/18/2015 8:37 AM

my league doesn't use avg...only OBP...does that sway you more onto Souza? I just figure if Sousa can get me 20 SB(totally possible) the rest of my speed can make up for roughly net 20 SB loss of dropping Revere

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avatarkslight  4/18/2015 8:40 AM

It looks like they have about the same OBP which helps. Souza has 3 SB in the last 4 games so 20 looks safe.

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avatarholty85  4/18/2015 8:47 AM

ok sounds good...I'll pull the trigger...thanks

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