complete games and shut outs in custom projections

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avatarquincylu (2 posts)  3/30/2013 5:27 AM

Since we can't set these, would you be able to default the "custom projection" to the BBM projection for cg/sho?

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avatarkslight (2576 posts)  3/30/2013 6:54 AM

Do you have your own QS and Shutouts?  If so, it may be easier for us to add those to the import.


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avatarquincylu (2 posts)  3/30/2013 1:59 PM

If you could add cg/sho importing... within the next hour?  that would be amazing :P

but otherwise, no worries

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avatarkslight (2576 posts)  3/30/2013 3:46 PM

Sorry about that. Hopefully your draft went well.


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