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avatarAurren  4/25/2015 12:15 PM

4/25, news broke 20 minutes (according to the fantasy alarm news box on the front page) before roster lock that Bauer was scratched due to illness but the daily projections didn't reflect this change nor did I see a tweet about this change.  I'm hoping for more hands-on and vigilance in the future about changes to daily projections when something like this happens.  I was hoping for an updated bats projections for DET.  I'm used to Basketball monster when news breaks, the projections are immediately updated.  Thank you.

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avatarehrenberggreg  4/25/2015 12:22 PM

Just load up on the Tigers right hand batters it is kinda a no brainer 


edit- sorry thought you were looking for lineup advice 


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avatarAurren  4/25/2015 12:25 PM

Thanks for the advice but that wasn't the point of my post.

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avatarkslight  4/25/2015 12:25 PM

Yes, we want these updates to be as quick as possible, and we do process hitter lineup changes as they're made.  We'll have to improve the process to handle these last-minute SP changes more quickly.

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avatarAurren  4/25/2015 12:30 PM

Thank you for the quick reply.  I understand these type of last-minute changes are rare but your attention to it is really appreciated.

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avatarClown Shoes  4/25/2015 12:35 PM

Ken I know you are a one man show but now that basketball season is just about over are you going to get any help with projections and scratches?  I am a big fan of how Basketball monster scratches are announced almost immediately and projections are adjusted within 5-10 mins.

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avataryort05  4/25/2015 12:36 PM

Also, for instance Denard Span.. if its confirmed he is not starting, why isnt his projection updated to reflect that?

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avatarkslight  4/25/2015 12:38 PM

It should say Not Starting for Span.

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