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avatarCameron1Turner  4/26/2015 2:05 PM

Is there something wrong with the algorithm for pitchers? Noticed that Chris Archer was 25th out of 27 today for pitchers when you sort by ratio, but he's 42.3% owned in the $1060 buy-in on DK. Just seems like something is off.

Whereas for hitters, Jimmy Paredes was the #1 value yesterday according to the ratio and was like 58% owned so seems like it's working fine for hitters.

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avatarehrenberggreg  4/26/2015 2:20 PM

I just think the issue is that Archer is a bit underprojected. He seems to have made a leap this year and he probably needs a bump in his strikeout rate and his walk rate lowered a bit 

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avatarkslight  4/26/2015 2:28 PM

He's been adjusted a couple of times, but I can review him again after today's game.

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avatarCameron1Turner  4/26/2015 2:32 PM

Oh that would make sense. Cool thanks!

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avatarkslight  4/26/2015 3:59 PM

Obviously a good game for him today, and his projection has been updated. He's walking almost 1 less batter per 9 innings which is quite an improvement.

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