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avatarMod518  3/30/2013 4:32 PM

It doesnt look like the Projections take into effect the innings limit. Does the system asume the yahoo default of 1400 innings? Should this be a input field in the league settings. 

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avatarcrucified  4/1/2015 8:57 PM

I had a draft that was points only and has a innings limit and it turns out that I needed to draft more RP.  The auction values for RP were mostly $1 or $0 but the value should be on par with starting pitchers if not higher.  If there was a innings limit factor then RP should be perhaps more valuable than SP as points/IP comes into play.  Any ideas how this be implemented?  For the regular season I can at least see RP at a more proper value.

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avatarkslight  4/1/2015 9:29 PM

There is an innings limit on the projected standings but nothing that affects the drafting. Adding an innings limit to the League Settings could at least let you see the percent of total innings projected when drafting,  Would that be what you need?

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avatarcrucified  4/1/2015 11:35 PM

I have tried that projected standing with the inning limit, I'm assuming it caps your pitcher points totals.  If that could be rolled into league settings with a percent of total innings drafted, I am not sure that would get me what I wanted.  The value of a player somehow rated on value/IP maybe could be a column.  Not sure how that affects your auction values or posv but I'm sure there could be a formula.  During the regular season I just need a way to value the RP properly.  As it stands I missed out almost all of the good ones and will have just sort on RP.  By the way: the projected standing using innings limit put me in first but it didn't seem right.  When I add up my points I'm in the middle.  The rank for a points only league should just give overall totals.

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