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avatardrw3722  5/1/2015 2:56 AM

MIKE FIERS: Every league I'm in Mike Fiers is available on the waiver wire. When i come to the monster and view the highest available pitchers and batters Fiers still maintains top poll. In Aug. and Sept last year he was the hottest waiver wire add and posted QS after QS with good a solid K rate. Will this Fiers be showing up anytime soon? I'm hurting for SP and my other options are Niese or Collmenter. I believe those two are much safer options but they don't strike out many batters. Besides Fiers upside is much more intriguing. 

MATT SHOEMAKER: i was high on this guy coming into my draft and the monster helped reassure me of my pick. So far it has been far from what we have projected. What makes matters worse is that his velocity is down and has been nominated as a serious regression candidate this year....Stay patient until he comes to form or sell now while he still upholds some value?

KAZMIR: I have this pegged as an easy sell high candidate. Not only is he a huge injury risk and that body/arm wont maintain, but he simply will not end up as the #3 ranked pitcher by the end of the year. Either way owners cant complain for the surprisingly hot start.

DREW HUTCHISON: His most reliable pitch is not working for him and he plays in the scariest division in baseball for pitching. Will the struggles continue and should I cut my losses now rather than wait until its too late? I also know many people were very high on this guy coming into 2015 and it is only April.

PHIL HUGHES: 26/2 k/bb ratio and MIN has one of the worst OF def in the MLB which consequently is part of the reason for Hughes high era and whip. A few good starts and I'm having a fire sale with Hughes as my hottest deal.

Please give any insight on these pitchers listed above and/or list any other pitchers you want to break down.



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