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avatarMajorrock  5/9/2015 7:05 PM

That Brantley steal that they didn't give him just cost me 1st place in the DK Moonshot. a $500 swing from first to second. Just have to Dodge Longoria one more time to keep 2nd. 

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avatarMajorrock  5/9/2015 7:14 PM

Steven Souza HR just put my other entry in first and knocked that one down to 3rd. 

Karma must be in my favor today dancing banana

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avatarMajorrock  5/9/2015 11:38 PM

About to take down both Moonshots, Flare, Solo and Knuckleball on the late slate as well. A very profitable weekend taz


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avatarkslight  5/10/2015 6:41 AM

Congratulations, and obviously a few guys came through for you :)

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