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avatarkenjlev18baseball  5/10/2015 9:19 PM

If I'm going to activate Syndergard, I need to drop a pitcher.

Would you activate, and if so, who would you drop?

I'm thinking yes and Shane Greene, but I'd love some other feedback.


14 Teams | 9 Hitters Per Team [7 Active = H HR RBI SB R BB BA] | 7 Pitchers Per Team [7 Active = IP W SV ERA WHIP SO K/9]

1951.05Jacoby Ellsbury NYYOF123 534801616146870.30112462.00-0.58-0.223.351.420.061.33
218120.76Matt Holliday STLOF1215/9/2015 10:20 PM
Matt Holiday was three-for-five with a double in Pittsburgh, raising his season average to .354.
333230.54Joey Votto CIN1B1195/10/2015 12:12 AM
Joey Votto was 3-for-4 in the night cap driving in all of Cincinnati's runs.
341290.47Matt CarpenterDay to Day - Probable - irregular heartbeat - missed Sunday's game against PittsburghSTL3B1245/10/2015 1:01 PM
Matt Carpenter is expected to rejoin Cardinals on Tuesday.

5/10/2015 9:33 AM
Matt Carpenter (fatigue) is not in the Cardinals starting lineup on Sunday.
446320.42Kole Calhoun LAAOF121 5168614462461110.2791750.960.21-0.12-0.452.080.050.18
566400.22Jose ReyesInjured - small fracture in left rib cage - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 5/20/2015

TORSS108 490801425531600.2899220.80-0.89-0.671.171.41-0.900.64
570430.19Chris Davis BAL1B/3B123 4677610980541890.234341-1.222.451.25-0.841.040.57-1.92
79658-0.01Ian Kinsler DET2B126 541781475934690.272981.14-0.90-0.38-0.201.25-0.74-0.21
19254114-0.62Jonathan LucroyInjured - broken left big toe - is on the 15-day disabled list and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks

Projected Return 5/25/2015

MILC107 408561134850530.278101-0.95-0.74-1.19-0.80-
45627170-1.19Adeiny Hechavarria MIASS1315/10/2015 12:27 AM
Adeiny Hechavarria went 2-for-4 with a double and two RBI during Saturday’s 6-2 win over the Giants.
52722228-1.77A.J. Pierzynski ATLC925/10/2015 12:30 PM
A.J. Pierzynski is not in the Braves' starting lineup on Sunday.
   0.07Avg Stats/Total Values   1296 5,1337521,4446415279840.2811461031.80-3.71-4.51-0.552.771.822.85
1421.28Chris Sale CHWSP28 192.6158645947221172.751201.0610.31.211.10-0.621.621.492.102.04
1531.27Felix Hernandez SEASP295/10/2015 6:51 PM
Felix Hernandez went seven innings with five hits allowed, two earned runs, one walk and six strikeouts to earn his sixth win Sunday against Oakland.
684310.08Andrew Miller NYYRP56 44.9281110197332.044261.0514.7-1.50-1.321.370.940.38-1.021.71
810141-0.04Sean DoolittleInjured - left shoulder surgery - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 5/15/2015

OAKRP53 53.1391514106142.293250.9210.4-1.35-1.401.300.890.97-1.270.58
810342-0.06Jake McGeeInjured - left elbow surgery - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 5/15/2015

TBRP51 51.1361312156532.173210.9911.5-1.38-1.370.990.960.66-1.180.92
911449-0.12Mike Fiers MILSP27 158.4157706551164203.671101.319.30.590.63-0.62-1.27-1.750.890.66
911650-0.13Hyun-Jin RyuInjured - tightness in left shoulder - is on the 60-day disabled list

Projected Return 6/1/2015

LADSP21 130.212946423011282.921001.
911952-0.15Danny Salazar CLESP245/10/2015 4:23 PM
Danny Salazar allowed just one hit (a solo home run) with no walks and 11 strikeouts in seven innings against Minnesota on Sunday.
1114167-0.29Jesse Hahn OAKSP235/10/2015 1:30 AM
Jesse Hahn allowed six runs (four earned) on eight hits and three walks with four strikeouts over 5 1/3 innings against the Mariners on Saturday.
1317286-0.39Phil Hughes MINSP28 170.5194736725139203.521001.287.30.810.52-0.62-0.91-1.500.37-1.42
1317387-0.39Jake PeavyInjured - strained back - is on the 15-day disabled list

Projected Return 5/15/2015

SFSP27 170.8161767048134173.701101.227.00.810.69-0.62-1.45-0.720.26-1.72
15209112-0.48Kyle Hendricks CHCSP335/10/2015 5:38 PM
Kyle Hendricks threw 5 1/3 innings on Sunday in Milwaukee, allowing five hits, issuing three walks and three strikeouts.
19265148-0.65Shane Greene DETSP28 161.5165726759129133.711101.397.20.640.82-0.62-1.41-2.680.17-1.46
20271153-0.66Noah Syndergaard NYMSP17 88.18040373079103.76601.258.1-0.70-0.65-0.62-0.84-0.58-0.90-0.32
   -0.74Avg Stats/Total Values   445 1,821.71,6757156584971,7361663.25123731.198.60.941.65-3.17-0.91-3.680.76-0.73
   -0.50Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   181 791.0751316291218770773.3153261.228.80.590.89-1.74-1.17-3.510.870.58

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avatarehrenberggreg  5/10/2015 9:47 PM

To me it's drop Shane green and a pretty easy decision. But I know a bunch of people here are a pro Shane green crowd so I might be in the minority. 

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avatarkenjlev18baseball  5/10/2015 11:32 PM

Thanks for your thoughts. 

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