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avatarorolo  5/13/2015 8:27 PM

I'd be getting the Frazier side.

14-team roto 5x5 keeper. Keeper values for next year:

Felix $39
Wright $20

Frazier $31
DeGrom $10 / Carrasco $10

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avatarkslight  5/13/2015 9:07 PM

Are all of these considered keepers for next year?  For instance, is Wright a keeper at $20? Just trying to get an idea of your league's pricing.

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avatarorolo  5/13/2015 11:08 PM

Wright would most likely not make the cut. It would be hard to keep Felix at that price, but not back-breaking. Frazier would make the cut if he finishes the year strong and DeGrom or Carrasco obviously would if they pitch to expectations.

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