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avatarlb1234  5/16/2015 4:14 PM

I have $188 of my $200 FAAB budget left. Weekly adds and weekly head to head lineups. Bradley owner dropped him last week, so I want to grab him and drop smyly. I just bid $15, is this too much?

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avatarkslight  5/16/2015 5:14 PM

We're not too high on him the rest of this season so $15 seems like a lot.  I assume this is not a keeper league?

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avatarlb1234  5/17/2015 8:18 AM

yes, not a keeper league. We process on saturday nights, so I already blew $15 on him. Oh well, I did not see this response in time. 

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avatarkslight  5/17/2015 8:36 AM

It looks like you have more than enough budget, and if he can continue his hot start, it may work out.

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