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avatarChrisleblanc  5/22/2015 4:25 PM

was wondering what your basis is for your projections? A few days ago I swung a deal for fielder, soler and hector rondon for my Brantley, and at the time based on your projections I accepted because it seemed solid since all of them were in the positive. Now I check and soler is negative relative to my league settings.. I have drafted and have been streaming based on your projections and instead of being 1st overall as you say in the projected standings I have been constantly 2nd or 3rd to last place.. I am in a money league and would just like to know if you guys have as much confidence in ur projections as with basketballmonster, the reason I signed up is because your nba projections were on point.. It doesn't seem like that's the case with baseball.. Sorry for the rant had a bit to drink and M just upset that i am where I am standings wise considering I've drafted/streamed/traded based on your projections and analysis. Thanks!

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avatarkslight  5/22/2015 4:49 PM

Yes, Soler was downgraded to batting 6th rather than a combination of 2nd and 4th which hurt his value. Are you streaming pitchers based on daily projections and ease rankings and not having luck with that?

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avatarmymaus  5/23/2015 11:33 PM


Sounds like a run of bad luck. My son I and have been using Baseball Monster for going on 5 years. 3 Firsts, 1 Second. In the short run even the best projections can be off by a bit. As a whole BBM tends to be very accurate. We've looked at many sets of projections over the years & none of them stay as updated as BBM does, especially for the top 400 players that most of us are most concerned about. There is not a better Fantasy Baseball tool on the market than Baseball Monster.


P.S. Not sure of the size of your league or league settings, but, to be honest, your trade looks like a good one to me, unless its smaller than a 10 teamer (and of course, depending on your team's needs & who you'd have to drop). Fielder could easily end up performing equal to Brantley (he's out performing him so far & when it gets hot in Texas the HR's will really start flying). Rondon is a mid level closer. Soler is a risk but his ceiling is much higher than his current performance. 

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avatarnotgonnastop  5/24/2015 4:32 AM

Actually I have started using Daily Fantasy Nerd for my projections (free) because it goes by most recent WOBA and ISO. Finished 23rd in the Rally last night on FanDuel. Why doesn't BBM use more recent data to come up with it's projections instead of career?

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avatarjyang61107  5/24/2015 8:24 AM

Lets face it...This year a lot of top players are really underperforming...I would hold out on selling low and just buy low on managers...If the player is hot just run with it and use the daily projections.  

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avatarkslight  5/24/2015 9:03 AM

For wOBA and other stats, we'll allow you to select your date range (current, past 2, etc.) This will be available in a few days.

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avatarnotgonnastop  5/25/2015 6:24 AM

That is nice kslight but what about changing your projection model to go by the last 1-2 years? Play with the numbers I am sure you will find a better formula for more accurate projections instead of having high projections for fading stars and low projections for batters on the rise.

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