How much faab to spend on Roark?

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avatarlb1234 (12 posts)  5/24/2015 10:11 PM

I currently have an 8 dollar bid in, will this be enough? Should also mention its out of a 200 dollar budget.

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avatarGreenDrake (6 posts)  5/25/2015 9:55 AM

In expert LABR league  - mixed league leader USA Today's Steve Gardner got him for $15 ($100 FAAB) and 2nd place bid was $8. I got him for $51 in my ($1000 FAAB) league. 

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avatarehrenberggreg (82 posts)  5/25/2015 11:55 AM

I wouldn't spend too much I don't think he has enough value to warrant holding in standard leagues and I'm not convinced he can hold a rotation spot 

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avatarehrenberggreg (82 posts)  5/25/2015 12:12 PM

Also the Nationals infield defense is terrible this year so it's not really much of a suprise that Strasburg and Zimmerman have career high babips. A pitcher like Roark who gives up a lot of contact and doesn't generate swings and misses could really struggle with this defense behind him

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avatarlb1234 (12 posts)  5/25/2015 2:41 PM

Thanks for the responses. I've seen posts elsewhere that are really high on him due to fisters injury but apparently they don't know their stuff. 

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avatarGreenDrake (6 posts)  5/25/2015 8:04 PM

League size is crucial. You did not mention your league size. In a 15 team league like LABR and my NFBC league with 7 man benches Roark at minimum becomes a #5 SP. That has a lot of value as you are generally getting streaming type  #7 SPs off the WW.

Roark has a proven track record in providing solid ERA &WHIP, but won't get you a lot of Ks.  The major gamble is here is what happens when and if Fister comes back. My take is Gio Gonzalez is not lighting it up, Fister is a question mark and Strausberg is always an injury  risk so I think Roark will get starts if he performs. If it was clear he was definitely the #5 starter in my league he would have gone for > $75.  BTW USA Today's Gardner knows his stuff. He won the high profile experts  LABR  league last year and is leading this year and he spent 15% of his FAAB on him. 

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avatarlb1234 (12 posts)  5/26/2015 8:59 AM

League is a 10 man, weekly lineup non dynasty 

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