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avatarcallahan  5/26/2015 1:35 PM

I got two C and like to get two guys for each INF position and try to fill with multiple position eligible players whenever possible.  It's easy to end up with too many OF.

I saw a couple of posts recommending streaming SP.

What positions do you stream?

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avatarjyang61107  5/26/2015 3:20 PM


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avatarehrenberggreg  5/26/2015 4:21 PM

Starting pitching is most valuable to stream IMO, catchers and shortstops for position players 

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avatarmurrayotl  5/27/2015 7:21 PM

This year majority voted and added a 13th team. It threw the whole league out of whack.

We been arguing over bench size it's 11 for the pass years.We been in league 3 years, 1st year we rebuilt and made a lot trades.

The hardest spots to fill were catchers and closers. We built on that with Rodney 1, Holland 6, LuCroy 4,and S. Perez 10.

We finished 2nd twice and 1st year second half prize most improved team. This year a rebuilding year the prices were out of control.

Closers were going 17,18 dollars and top ones high 20's.The F.A pool was worse with nothing there. When Grilli and Axford were bid

on in  FAAB 34 and 33 dollars. We had only 1 keeper closer Jansen $8 but was out for a month+. We picked up Ramos early for $1 and Ziegler $7 and luck out. We had Mesoraco and he has been hurt al year and no catchers really were left.

So we always go after closers and catchers the drop off is big. We got Kershaw and he struggled but picked Harang and Volquez early and are riding them.We had T. Walker for 22 and dropped this week for cap space and wouldn't keep at that price. Picked up R.Elias and Roark. So we able to find some SP out there but no closers without spending 40 on them and no catchers with all the injuries at that position this year. Last year with 11 player bench we carried and extra one, but with 13 teams had to back up some so-so players.

Thanks John

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