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avatarjaskostate  5/30/2015 2:54 AM

Prices aren't showing up for DK for tomorrow - I usually do mine late in the evening on weekends in case I decide to just keep on a sleepin in the this an auto-load type of thing or do you guys have to do it manually, so sometimes it's not done in the middle of the night?

Just wondering - I realize it's nitpicking a bit to have prices be available in the dead of night, but sometimes it's just the best time for me, and I'd assume at least some others. They are almost always there, just curious why a time like tonight would be different.

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avatarkslight  5/30/2015 5:31 AM

Sorry for the delay, and the prices have been updated. 

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avatarjaskostate  5/30/2015 9:15 AM

Great - thanks a bunch.

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