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avatarmruffin1980  6/24/2015 10:51 AM

Any idea why FD has no Houston guys available for the early only slate???

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avatarmruffin1980  6/24/2015 10:52 AM

Nevermind you guys have them available as where FD doesn't.

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avatarkslight  6/24/2015 10:52 AM

It's likely too far after the start of the contests (3.5 hours).

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avatarmruffin1980  6/24/2015 10:54 AM

My bad kslight. I click the early tab on the optimizer and you guys have them list as part of the early only slate.

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avatarkslight  6/24/2015 10:56 AM

Ah yes, the Early button cuts off games at a certain time of day and may not always match each provider's settings.

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