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avatarjyang61107  7/1/2015 2:19 PM


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avatarkslight  7/1/2015 3:16 PM

This is football I assume.

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avatarjyang61107  7/1/2015 3:42 PM

Baseball my dear Ken. Check it out applause

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avatarkslight  7/1/2015 3:47 PM

Ah yes, I see.  Yahoo! is the best for money. They are paying 91.67% of the entry fees in payouts.  Hopefully they get these going for basketball too.

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avatarehrenberggreg  7/2/2015 8:40 AM

Yup they are back unfortunately no roto leagues open right now just head to head 

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avatarjyang61107  7/2/2015 9:20 AM

Only notice one roto for $20 which sucks...I'm aiming for big fish $250.

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avatarClown Shoes  7/6/2015 12:14 PM

So these are half season leagues? Why wouldn't they offer these at the beginning of the season?

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avatarkslight  7/6/2015 12:30 PM

It does seem like odd timing, and hopefully this means the Pro Leagues will be available at the start of next season.

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