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avatarMajorrock  7/9/2015 3:29 PM

Over the last few weeks there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the methods by which players can enter and manage 100’s of lineups on DraftKings as well as interest in what customers can do to reduce the time commitment necessary to do so. As you all know our policy until now has been to disallow automated access or scripting on the site in all cases. After a long internal discussion we have made the decision to change our terms to allow our customers to use scripts to automate a short list of time consuming behaviors on the site.

The permitted behaviors are:

- Creating a contest

- Creating a lineup

- Editing a lineup

- Entering a guaranteed contest

- Withdrawing from a contest

There is no other scripted or automated behavior that will be tolerated and we will be monitoring for any behavior that violates our terms. There will be no warnings for violations and the penalty for such a violation will be at the sole discretion ofDraftKings up to and including forfeiture of all winnings/balances on the site.

We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked to solidify a reasonable and enforceable set of rules as DFS and the size of contests has grown. We hope this will provide clarity for those looking to save some time on a day to day basis while playing on DraftKings.

For more information on this update please visit our terms and conditions page for full language regarding access and of course feel free to email us at with any questions you have related to this change.

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avatarMajorrock  7/9/2015 3:31 PM

Would be awesome if BBM Lineups could be imported. 
Honestly, I don't have access to these type of scripts so My Draft Kings account will remain dormant until I do. Not gonna compete with Auto bots when i have to manually enter hundreds of lineups to have a chance. 


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avatarkslight  7/9/2015 6:21 PM

I don't completely understand the issue here.  How are people getting an advantage with these bots? Is it just the ability to make massive changes quickly?  And is this more relevant for DK where lineups can be altered once the contest begins?

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avatarMajorrock  7/9/2015 9:03 PM

Its the ability to import lineups directly to the site in a matter of minutes where it takes the non script users several hours to do so. 

I have attempted to play 200 lineups in a GPP in NASCAR, PGA and MLB. Not as much of an advantage NASCAR and PGA where the player pool is known days in advance of roster locks but with MLB it is a huge advantage to be able to upload, edit or cancel hundreds of entries in minutes. 

An example would be yesterday with the WASH/CIN game. 10 mins before lock game is canceled. I was not in any GPPs but if i had 200 lineups out there i would have been screwed. No way i could have made changes before lock. 


When i have attempted to play 200 or more lineups in a GPP it takes me HOURS to just click through and enter the lineups once i find my player pool. To be able to do that in a matter of minutes is HUGE in my opinion. 

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avatarMajorrock  7/9/2015 9:15 PM

In my opinion this is a rocky road DK is traveling. 

With thousands of folks already out there trying to label DFS as gambling, this just gives them ammunition to use. 

In a few months you will see script writers taking advantage of this by cashing in on the ability to sell software to build and edit lineups. 

Not much skill involved with pulling out a credit card buying an algorithm based program to choose your lineups and import them to the site. 

Same road that Poker went down and you see where that is now. (just sayin) 

Guess we all have the ability to choose where we play and for me I choose to not play at DK. I just hope they don't fook it up for all of us. 

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avatartsfloyd  7/10/2015 11:16 PM

I've always thought that DFS would eventually jump the shark, but I didn't think it would happen this soon.

Why in the world would DK do this?  It's impossible to overcome their vig, unless you're a pro.  They must think they can attract enough guppies to feed the sharks, and keep recycling new people with advertising.  Soon enough, everyone will know that DFS is a scam, impossible to win even a little bit, and it will collapse under its own weight.


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avatarSo-Tex   7/11/2015 6:04 AM

I don't play on DK, I use mostly Fanduel...but this is how I imagine it as being the advantage...

Say I run a script to enter 10 lineups in a multi-entry game. I enter the exact same lineup 10 times. The lineup ties for 1st place with one other user who entered only ONE lineup. So basically, he gets 1/11th of the total prize, while I get 1/11th for each entry (10/11ths total). Now, multiply those entries by 10 different lineups. So now, I'll basically have 10 different lineups, entered 10 times each, to have 100 chances at winning a bigger prize OR more of that prize. Not sure if that's coming across right and making sense, but that's how I see there being any kind of "advantage" to running a script. If you have the money to enter, you could give yourself a better chance to not only win a top prize (by picking the right lineup of course), but also win MORE of a share of that prize (in case you tie with anyone else).

And I say "advantage" (as in "unfair") because I can see the advantages of using a script if you were to enter ONE lineup into 100 different contests, and needed to change that lineup quickly. However, the site's functionality pretty much does that action just as easily as a script could (at least on FD). Just change one lineup, and export it everywhere else.

So coming full circle from that thought, my question is...why not just stop running multi-entry games? That would pretty much put an end to the bots and their "advantage", right? Or, is that just too simple a solution?

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avatarMajorrock  7/11/2015 7:38 AM

They need the big prize pools that mutli entry provides to bring in the new members. 10 entries is not a problem to manage....even 100 is not too bad. The people that are using the bots to generate and upload lineups are entering 500/1000 entries per contest. Basically they are generating their player pool and then creating hundreds of different combinations of that player pool to cover all their bases, Generally when they hit, they hit very big. Not only will they cash top prize but several instances where they cash more than 50% of the top 10 prize places. Makes for a good payday when you have the bankroll to do it. 

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avatarMajorrock  7/11/2015 7:41 AM

FD will allow it as well but permission has to be requested and granted. 

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avatarcallahan  7/12/2015 9:38 PM

To make it fair to everyone, DK and FD could make a script so everyone can use it.  However, the guy with the bigger bankroll will still be able to make hundreds of entries that most players can't so they have a differential advantage with the scripts.  I would think that the big players pick one or two pitchers for the day and create a players pool they think has the most chance of winning and run combinations of hitters off of it.

One trouble with leaving FD and DK is that they are the biggest DFS operators and offer the biggest payouts.  You can't just run to Yahoo and expect the same payouts.

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avatarcallahan  7/18/2015 7:04 PM

Are computer scripts bad for daily fantasy sports?

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avatarholty85  7/19/2015 12:21 PM

I don't know about you guys but the multi-entry ability ruins DFS IMO....honestly any monkey with a big enough bank roll can enter 40 or 50 different lineups where is the skill in that? For anyone to say DFS isn't gambling is either working for a company with interests in the DFS industry or is terribly naive....if you say it isn't gambling, and that it's "skill", then I would challenge you to use said "skill" and trot out only 1 unique lineup and enter that 1 lineup in hundreds, or thousands of dollars worth of entries...

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avatarehrenberggreg  7/19/2015 2:46 PM

If you think it's as easy as entering multiple lineups to win try the quarter challenge. Enter 100 different lineups into the .25 cent entry and track your results. Chances are you will find more entries doesnt guarantee a better ROI

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avatarcallahan  7/19/2015 6:09 PM

That's what the FD and DK are saying and beside the point.  Do you trust them with your money to run a fair game?

What's motivating them to change is they make more money with the scripts and not the interest of the majority of players.

Furthermore, you can do what you just said, but you'll have to write a script or have someone write it for you.  The sites do not provide the script.  That's an uneven playing field, for one.  What if you run a script to gather data (data mining) and then use that data to make your selections?  Oh, if that happens, then the company is suppose to stop it behind the scenes.  Will they say something against their best customer who is making them money?

Already, I'm seeing one player get multiple wins and taking a good chunk of the pool.  They do not have to end up being the big winner to rake it in.


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avatarehrenberggreg  7/19/2015 9:22 PM

I guess I disagree for a few reasons 

1. High volume multi entry players (which I have done on occasion) are the only way to support the large field tournaments. If there weren't people submitting hundreds of lineups these tournaments would have to shrink in total size.

2. Single entry tournaments are still an option for gpp. So any players opposed to players who enter high volumes of lineups can avoid them by playing single entry tourneys 

3. I am not sure why scripting is considered an unfair advantage when it's available to anyone. It's not as if only certain players are allowed to do it which I think would then be considered an issue or an advantage. 

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avatarcallahan  7/21/2015 1:13 AM

Welp, my basic issue is #3.  If FD and DK can provide a script for everyone that will only do what they allow (for managing multiple entries) and not let other scripts run, then that would level the playing field.

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avatarehrenberggreg  7/21/2015 6:39 AM

I highly doubt people are data mining or doing any other illegal activities and fan duel requires scripts get verified before they are allowed to be used, so I am not concerned with people using them to do any disallowed commands, scripts are an advantage and allow for saving time I just fail to see what makes them unfair 

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avatarClown Shoes  7/22/2015 10:48 AM

It still takes skill to enter multiple lineups. Multi entry does give you an advantage but it isn't as easy as just enter a bunch of lineups and be successful. You still have to have skill. I have no issue with it because people are playing by the rules and paying for each entry.

My issue is allowing the late swap. They other night Liriano was scratched right before his start. If you had a script you could get him out all over. That is my issue. We all do not have access to this so there is a huge advantage here. If a player goes down or in the NBA is a late scratch you should have to scramble like everyone else. Running a script to allow changes then gives you a huge advantage. I would have less of a problem if you could enter but not edit. That or allow something where we all had access to it.

My two cents.

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avatarcallahan  7/26/2015 12:40 PM

I'm not here to argue or put what anyone is saying down.  They're entitled to their own opinion.  Mine is my own, too.

I suppose I am SKEPTICAL of the FD and DK companies who aren't up front about things.  Things such as scripts should be made available to all.  That way, I know what is being run and companies can keep track.

I do not want managers to gather which player is being played info, see the players that I am playing, gather a history of what others have played and so on.  Most of all, not be able to change their players while the game is going on.  What???!!!???!!!  Read on.

I can only go by what has happened to the online poker industry.  It used to be a game of skill and legal in the US.  It isn't anymore and all the companies have gone offshore.

Here's why I am skeptical...

Here is the latest on legislative tracking for DFS (btw racinos are popping up and making money in the EC :))

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avatarehrenberggreg  8/1/2015 12:08 PM


Here is a script anybody can use for mass entering lineups. Good luck! 


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avatarcallahan  8/5/2015 1:13 AM

I did find a situation for avoiding FD and DK which allow scripts two days ago.  One of the key games was SEA vs COL at "Coors field."  One could run multiple teams to get all combos of six players from one team.  Do you think there is validity to this or is it just my paranoia talking lol?

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avatarClown Shoes  8/5/2015 12:32 PM

I just downloaded the chrome extension to try it. It is downloaded yet there is no icon on my extension and I can not access it at all. Anyone having this problem?

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avatarehrenberggreg  8/5/2015 5:11 PM

Sorry I should have explained when I posted the link. The importing is found through the draftkings website the extension doesn't show up on the tool bar. Didn't see your post until now I hope this helps or that you've already figured it out clown shoes. Did you get it working? 

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avatarsangamc  8/11/2015 3:43 PM has built into their website the ability to export lineups to draftkings. With the ability to generate 100 lineups and the ability to use a custom player pool with custom projections, you too can try you luck with 100 entries in the 1/4 arcade challenge.

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avatarchapmoney31  3/28 10:06 AM

Are there going to be any DFS projections up this year?

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avatarkslight  3/28 10:11 AM

We are not doing DFS projections this season.  We have daily projections (updated the same as last season) for full season leagues here:

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