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avatarrsigler65  8/4/2015 3:04 PM

Just FYI - the FD Optimizer is filling out rosters with all SD guys because they have a good matchup I guess.  Can it limit to 4 per team?  I have 7 Padres on my team, which is sweeeeet,...but not allowed :(

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avatarkslight  8/4/2015 3:45 PM

For now, you'll need to manually exclude players from the analysis after they're auto-added to your rosters. It's not ideal but should allow you to avoid more than 4 players.

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avatarcallahan  8/5/2015 1:03 AM

Will there be a way to include/exclude players and teams in the future?  Sometimes, I like to play stacks (four or more players) or mini-stacks (two or three players) from same team.  I'll pick most of the players manually, but then want the optimizer for one or two remaining players from same team.

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avatarkslight  8/5/2015 9:23 AM

If you filter on the teams you want to consider, click refresh, and then optimize, it should only consider the filtered players.

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