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avatarkslight (2576 posts)  8/24/2015 12:51 PM

I've never tried to access this, but gives away 20,000 Domino's pizza after each no hitter.  You'll need to be logged in and check the site at 3PM ET (I believe).  Maybe one of us can get one!

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avatardescender (177 posts)  8/24/2015 3:15 PM

if anyone hasn't tried this yet, all of the codes have been given away...


Thanks for the heads up Ken, bookmarked!

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avatarkslight (2576 posts)  8/24/2015 3:23 PM

I was able to try at the correct time, and it appears they email you later if you qualify.

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avatarkslight (2576 posts)  8/31/2015 1:00 PM

Back again today at 3 PM ET thanks to Arrieta.

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