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avatarsangamc  9/1/2015 1:25 PM

I'm working on my own lineups page with extended functionality. All the info filled in is from this site. Any thoughts, criticisms, questions or ideas for improvements?

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avatarkslight  9/4/2015 11:56 AM

This looks pretty comprehensive.  Is this auto-generated or something you manually maintain?

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avatarsangamc  9/4/2015 3:00 PM

Thanks for the feedback!

The page is auto generated. I use the number in the top left corner as a key or anchor to pull all the relevant data into the card. The data is on other tabs in the workbook with the daily tools Pitchers and batters tables loaded. In excel you can use a web query to pull down the Daily tools batters table automatically at a set interval making the whole thing 90% automatic :)

So far once i got my formulas debugged it has been working great. All 6 of my lineups on DK last night scored over 120 with 3 going over 160pts so I was happy.

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avatarsangamc  9/6/2015 10:28 AM

At the top of each card, I have the ballpark weather information as well as its rating for RHB, LHB, Top5 or Sp (starting pitcher).

I then include for the team its Daily Rank (based on my own calculation), Relief pitcher rank (30 is the worst), Offense capability based on park and weather. Home Run % chance and Opposing SP rating.

Finally for each player on the team I have the basic info, their offensive capability based on splits, their individual HR % chance and finally my own ranking named 'kjd" that puts it all together. Outside of the card each player can have a tag of elite, gpp, or cash based on how each player ranks relative to all the players playing that day, so on some days I might see Votto as elite since at his position he has the best ranks, or he might be a GPP because other players available are in better situations to take advantage of.


Basically put together I eliminate the use of actual projections and just focus on picking players in the best situation to perform well and making lineups out of those.

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