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avatarrolexman2  9/19/2015 9:51 AM

been on monster a few years been lazy lol never used comparison columns it shows never really made any money lost plenty

ready to change right at the end of season go figure ok guys how do u use this column thing and how do u read it what would make u use a player and not use another if all iam assum ing green is better but is that the only  reason to use this player little confusing to me ...also on l/r oba iso iso pitcher what is the best way to use that feature and what and how should u use it hey listen  i know this is alot but any response would be greatly appreciated


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avatarsangamc  9/19/2015 4:33 PM

I use it to show last 5 games averages, and last 10 games average score so that I have an idea of how a player had been performing. I n baseball since there is so much variance I do not put a lot of weight in it since a player that did not hit a HR yesterday can easily hit one today and vice versa

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