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avatarcallahan  9/27/2015 7:35 PM

I missed the Championship by one, yes ONE, strikeout.  It would have tied us at 5-5, but I would have gone to the championship because of better record.

What hurt was Carlos Martinez and Huston Street both getting injured the past two days.  But that's part of the game.  He had Zack Greinke and Masahiro Tanaka hurt.

I would have taken an extra SP with my last pick, but figured it would be better chance to win with both hitters and pitchers.  The weekly H2H projections had me winning 4-1 or 3-2 with hitters.  Pitching 3-2.  Well, it depended on how my settings were.  If I set it for the entire season, my opponent would win.  I set it to 30-days (then 14-days and 7-days) and thought I could win 6-4.  However, my opponent got hot with his long-term NYM, Cano, Bautista and Bogaerts hitters that I could not recover enough to win anything but SB on the hitting side.

If I took an extra pitcher instead, then I could've been in the championships.  Except there probably was no way I would've made that decision on Thursday.  His hot hitting forced me to play my last two picks earlier than I wanted.  I figured I could win ERA, WHIP and SO on the pitching side and either R or HR or both and SB on the hitting side.  He burned his last three picks on SP and was able to eke out winning SO by picking up Martin Perez for the last day.

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avatarRyanH  9/30/2015 7:46 PM

Tough loss! I also lost in the semifinals by one strikeout- arrieta was unstoppable


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avatarcallahan  10/1/2015 3:36 PM


I know how it feels.  Was still thinking about it this week and will be a skosh more patient next year.

Jake Arrieta has been amazing.  He doesn't have the "name" as Kershaw or Greinke, but he's been great.  He deserves the NL Cy Young.

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avatardescender  10/2/2015 10:14 AM

I bombed my roto keeper draft (ellsbury, zimmermann, harrison, anibal, andrus, mccarthy, molina... uhg)... the first pick I made that didn't completely bomb that wasn't a keeper was Gregerson in the late teens.  At least I have Bryant for the next 5 years as a consolation prize. :)

I should finish ~6th in the BBM roto 1 league but TBH... that league was pretty boring all season and no one seemed very active.

I should finish second in my other roto league.  The first, third and fourth places teams in this league made over 300 moves and I made less than 40. :D

I flushed out of the first round of a H2H playoff because... H2H.

Mixed bag, but overall not a very strong season for me :/  I hope that some of the features that we have been requesting can make their way into the system *before* the season starts next year.  It seemed like things were still being pieced together when this season opened. :)

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avatarmymaus  10/5/2015 3:06 PM

Our third straight H2H championship is in the books for my son & me. We had so much fun. A lot of the credit goes to Ken for this great tool. We’re convinced that it is one of the main reasons we win every year, so we keep coming back. Ken continues to take action on recommendations to improve the product, even in mid season!  Thanks again for all you do. Have a great off season!

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