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avatarmmassmedia  3/17/2016 6:15 PM

I am not sure how to download projections from one site and upload them to this site. Was planning on playing several leagues this year with this site as my go to. Would love to still use the draft tracker but can't seem to figure out a way to make it work. Thanks for any help.

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avatarkslight  3/17/2016 6:44 PM

Let me know your preferred source, and I can upload them for you.

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avatarmmassmedia  3/17/2016 8:58 PM

Preferably - Rotowire - but i can understand that is a pay service 

if not rotowire

Razzball then ESPN I guess. 

I will be drafting on yahoo so don't want just duplicate of what there projector would be. 

Sucks that the site is not a full site anymore as it was a great help but understand how much work it would take. 

Thanks for the help. 

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avatarmmassmedia  3/18/2016 2:25 PM

I am following this thread just let me know when you get a chance to do this.  Thanks Again. 

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avatarDRUPP32  3/18/2016 2:36 PM

I'm also having problems Importing my Hitting Projections.  The Pitching worked fine.  The Hitters Imported the first time, but when I fixed 4 names, none of the Hitting Projections can be displayed or used on the site.  The total of 998 Projections means the Hitting Projections are there, but they won't show up.  Can you help?  Thanks!

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avatarDRUPP32  3/18/2016 2:46 PM

When I double click to select my Hitting Projection Excel file it appears to the right of the "Browse" box, but when I click "Import", it says "No file selected"!  What am I doing wrong?  I have tried many times.  I will leave the excel file shown.  Please Import it properly!  Thanks!

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avatarkslight  3/18/2016 4:09 PM

@mmassmedia - I have imported the steamer projections for you since I know those are free.  I did check RazzBall, but I didn't see a way to export theirs.

@DRUPP32 - It looks like your games column is filled with 0.  If you don't have an estimate # of games, you can use a 1, and it should work.

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avatarmmassmedia  3/18/2016 5:22 PM

Thanks for the help. One more question doing a mock H2H trying to punt RBI and HR.... don't think the punting is figuring into the rankings. Can you check that. I have it set up to punt but doesn't seem to be punting as players are still about even. 

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avatarDRUPP32  3/18/2016 6:19 PM

Putting the 1 in the Games column did work!  Thanks for helping!  Now I'm ready for tomorrow's Yahoo Draft. 

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avatarkslight  3/18/2016 7:07 PM

I believe it's punting correctly since it shows Altuve on top. Do you see a different player at #1?

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avatarDRUPP32  3/19/2016 9:44 AM

Sorry, I just saw your question.  I'm not sure what you are asking, but I do not see Altuve on top of any lists that I can see.  If you mean, your Value Ranking, from my Imported Projections, Kershaw is #1 & Goldschmidt isd #2.  Altueve is ranked #53.  The projections seem to be correct so I think I"m ok.  Thanks again for your help.  Great site!  Especially like the Rankings based on Spring Training stats!

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avatargarthmyers  3/19/2016 10:28 AM

Kslight, can you import the steamer projections for me to my ESPN league? Thank you!

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avatarkslight  3/19/2016 11:15 AM

You should be set Garth.

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avatarmartinimpossible  3/19/2016 2:03 PM

KSlight can you please import steamer projections for me. I am drafting in my yahoo league tomorrow and can't figure out the .csv format.

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avatartench500  3/19/2016 2:22 PM

it is not that easy to find projections that fit the format. For example I have not seen any that actually provide sac flies or hbp.

I was wondering if it would be possible to just provide all users projections from a 3rd party in the csv format ready to import since it seems to be a common theme that we are having difficulty preparing the corrext csv formated file.


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avatarmmassmedia  3/20/2016 1:30 AM

Thanks again for putting those projections on.... and the punt does seem to be working. 

I do have the files downloaded from Rotowire but can't figure out how to upload them.. In comparing what i have seen to roto I would prefer rotowire projections. I can email them to you if you would like to upload them for me 

Again thanks for the help....I do wish it was a full site but this will at least get me started. 

I will be back on basketball next year regardless as I made the playoffs in 6 out of 6 h2h Leagues although with 4 byes... just needing to get 2 teams through the 1st week of plays.... both are pushing 4-5/5-4 struggle.... one because my own dumb fault i think..... as well looking to cash 2 out of 3 roto hopefully.....


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avatarkslight  3/20/2016 7:34 AM

I can upload those projections if you send them to me:

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avatarmartinimpossible  3/20/2016 7:49 AM

Kslight are there any projection exports that match the current CSV format that baseball monster requires? I tried the fangraphs exports but none of them fit the format. Specifically, they don't separate first_name last_name. If you could just import some kind of projections for me, before my draft at 8pm tonight, it would me very much appreciated. I am a paid basketball member, and paid for baseball monster last year.

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avatarkslight  3/20/2016 10:20 AM

I've imported the steamer projections for your account.  I noticed your leagues settings must have been incorrect since you had  a 1 for # of hitters and # of pitchers.  I have set them to 10 each, but feel free to set these to your actual numbers:

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avatarmmassmedia  3/21/2016 11:58 PM

thanks again for all your help... 

I did figure out that rotoworld and yahoo projection are one in the same for anyone wanting that knowledge

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avatarpc85130p  3/22/2016 11:50 AM

Could I have the steamer projections uploaded for both of my leagues I have set up?  If it's as simple as asking you kslight, that would be awesome and appreciated.

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avatarkslight  3/22/2016 12:21 PM

@pc85130p - You should be set.

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avatarpc85130p  3/22/2016 12:24 PM

Thanks alot.

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avatarhegotsgame  3/22/2016 3:37 PM

Ken, would you be able to upload the Steamer projections for me? Thank you! 

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avatarkslight  3/22/2016 3:44 PM

You should see projections now too.

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avatarcapevanwinkle  3/22/2016 4:01 PM

Ken, could you be so kind as to upload Steamer projections for me as well? You're the best big smile

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avatarkslight  3/22/2016 4:19 PM

Yours should be uploaded too.

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avatarcronker7  3/23/2016 10:37 AM

I too was so upset when i saw the news. This site is THE BEST! Pretty damn cool kslight is putting these projections in for us. If you wouldn't mind slight can you add those steamer projections for me? So happy i checked backed on the forum and saw this. Ive been going nuts trying to find a site similar to this. Hope everything works out and thank you for adding! !!!!

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avatarkennykenny  3/23/2016 11:39 AM

hey kslight,

could you be so kind as to upload the Steamer projections for me as well?


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avatarkslight  3/23/2016 12:01 PM

Thanks, and both of you should be set.

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avatarmartinimpossible  3/24/2016 11:16 AM

kslight thank you for uploading projections from me. I spent time trying to make the perfect .csv spreadsheet with the proper columns as specified in the PDF instructions, and got errors. It turns out if you just upload the default csv export from fangraphs, and upload that file to baseballmonster, it works perfectly. I don't know if that is because something you did to my account to make it map properly, but it be helpful to add that ability for everyone.. just tell people to upload defualt csv export from fangraphs.

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avatarkslight  3/24/2016 1:18 PM

The import attempts to read any format so as long as the columns are named well, it should succeed.

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avatardwade4life5  3/26/2016 12:17 AM

Can you add them to mine also @kslight? I have a draft Sunday AM, thanks in advance! Appreciate the effort you guys put in.

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avatartsfloyd  3/26/2016 1:32 AM

I too can't seem to figure this out.

I'm trying to use Steamer projections as well.

Can you revise your pdf of import instructions?


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avatarkslight  3/26/2016 9:44 AM

I have uploaded the steamer projections for both of you.

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avatarsabometrics  3/27/2016 9:51 AM

I would appreciate it if you could load Steamer for my account as well.


Thank you!

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avatarbdubin  3/27/2016 10:39 AM

I am lost here too.  I don't even understand where to start.  Do you recommend any sites that have quality projections?

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avatarkslight  3/27/2016 11:35 AM

I have imported the default steamer projections for both of you.

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avatarsoundoffthefalsealarm  3/28/2016 11:48 AM

Hi Ken,

If you have some free time today, would you mind doing the same (importing the default Steamer projections) so I can take a look and work with the file before my draft this week? Thanks if possible!

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avatarkslight  3/28/2016 3:45 PM

Sure, no problem, and you should be set.

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avatarsoundoffthefalsealarm  3/28/2016 7:04 PM

I appreciate that. Cheers!

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avatartsfloyd  3/31/2016 5:44 AM

Thank you very much kslight.

If the Steamer projections are free, couldn't the site use those, and post a link to fangraphs in exchange, like it's an ad?

I'd never heard of fangraphs before this site.


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avatarjasongindele  3/31/2016 10:16 AM

Hi Ken. Thanks for this great service, as always. Would you be able to upload the latest Steamer projections for me, by any chance? 

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avatarkslight  3/31/2016 10:32 AM

Sure, and you should be set.

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