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avatarcrucified  3/30/2016 12:03 AM

Hi Ken, as I read on Basketball Monster, that there will be some feature turned back on because DFS will be offered this year: "Yes, we expect to have the DFS ready for the start of the season.  This should provide some free side benefits for H2H/Roto users too."  Curious what feature we are going to be looking at this weekend.  

The additional missing features I'm currently looking for this year:

  • Daily Projections based on projections and/or rankings (with Baseball Monster Factors)
  • Weekly Projections based on projections and/or rankings (with Baseball Monster Factors)
  • Projected Starts dates by pitchers
  • Analysis Head to Head Daily 
  • Analysis Head to Head Weekly

I hope at least some return with the comment you made. With a gap in features I will need to figure out how I'm going to "cover my bases" depending on what is missing.  Thanks!

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avatarkslight  3/31/2016 9:23 AM

We'll be preparing daily projections but likely not going out beyond that.  In other words, I doubt the H2H/Weekly tools will be supported unless you want to use current season results as the data source.

We will maintain starters out a week or so.

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avatar#6959  4/3/2016 11:29 AM

Can we do projections daily projections with this data under the projections menu selection?  Still useful to apply monster factors even with custom imported projections to help do daily roto decisions. 

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avatarcrucified  4/3/2016 4:25 PM

I'm looking forward to daily projections and would be interested in weekly using current season results.  If we have daily projections then one could combine a range of dates into a full week.  It would be a lot of work to do this manually but if someone could make a tool, it would be easier.  I'm thinking about it.  

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