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avatar#31559  4/3/2016 9:44 AM

Last week I imported custom hitter and pitcher projections successfully and could access them on the projections page. Today, I deleted the old projections and re-imported new ones with exactly the same formats. The import page showed them both successfully imported, but the projections page only shows my custom hitter projections. The custom pitchers don't appear. I tried deleting both sets of projections and importing only the pitchers again. The import page shows that I have 613 custom projections, but the projection page shows 0:


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avatarkslight  4/3/2016 9:50 AM

I checked your import CSV for pitchers, and it looks a little odd.  It seems to have L/R and the innings are high (>800).  Are you sure the format is correct?

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avatar#31559  4/3/2016 11:57 AM

Sorry, I should have checked my own data first! smile

I wrote a script that imports the raw data from my projection source and outputs a .csv in the format that your projection importer requires. When it executed without any errors and appeared to import successfully into Baseball Monster, I incorrectly assumed the data wasn't at issue. In fact, my project source apparently added that R/L column this week, which through off all the columns in my .csv. After removing that column and reprocessing, import succeeded and I can access the projections now. 


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