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avatardescender  4/5/2016 8:06 AM

Are the daily/weekly projection features coming back any time soon?  I've imported my own projections and if you are keeping the lineups/starting pitchers in order there should be no reason they aren't functional.  This was by far the single most useful feature of this website.  I don't understand why entire sections of this website disappear from season to season.  Actually, I don't even understand how you can be doing "DFS" projections without having "roto projections" at the same time based on the way this site operates, so this entire process this year is confusing to me.  Are you just selling prorated Steamer projections as "DFS" projections?  If not, where are you getting the DFS projections from?

Beginning to think we should have all gotten refunds for last season.  DFS has completely ruined baseballmonster.  I hope we're all happy about that and you're making "all the monies" because this... sucks.

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avatarWhite&Nerdy  4/5/2016 8:42 AM

I don't understand either? If you can do the DFS projections, exactly why can't you do Roto/H2H? How much harder can it be to add that function?


This was the best site by far for such things, I don't understand how having an extra function that millions can use is a bad thing?

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avatarkslight  4/5/2016 8:49 AM

The projection process is the same as last season, but doing daily-only with no Roto/H2H doesn't require the following:

  • Estimating playing time for each player for the remaining season.  With daily, only a single lineup needs to be planned for the upcoming day. Tomorrow is not important until the previous night.
  • Injury effects - If a player gets hurt, we don't have to determine where his playing time will go and how if affects lineups the rest of the season.
  • Weekly lineups - We don't have to plan each day two weeks in advance, guessing at starters for that length too.  For daily, starters are almost guaranteed one day ahead of time.

I'm sure there are more, but the effort required was not worth the payoff since the site is not very large. I think you're correct that daily is hurting the Roto/H2H market since many users have abandoned it.

We will get the Daily Projections going for H2H/Roto since the work has already been done to produce DFS projections. As mentioned the weekly require more planning which may still happen but likely not short-term. One of the goals this year is to make them more manageable so they can be available again.

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avatardescender  4/5/2016 9:18 AM

I appreciate the clarification Ken, you know I love this place and I just want to see it functional. :)  

The Daily projection tool with all of the applied factors is incredibly powerful for setting lineups throughout the season.  If there was one feature that above all of the others I would use to "sell" this place to others, it's always been that one.

If you need more help, ask for volunteers!  I'm already raising my hand. ;)

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avatarliam4  4/10/2016 9:52 AM

Looks like daily projections for roto are up.  Thanks Ken!!

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avatardescender  4/10/2016 11:03 AM

Everything seems to be working well, thanks Ken.

It says "2015" projections on the analysis source header, I assume you just need to update that tag.

Is that using our custom projections, or your DFS projections?  I am guessing it uses yours since we haven't imported any L/R split data and such.

It would be really great if there was something like an "import all leagues" and "set all active players" button, rather than having to load the page 4 times for each league to get the players updated. ;)

EDIT: The header to switch between daily/yearly/etc disappears when you go to the daily page.

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