Dee Gordon pick up or not?

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avatarLGLP86 (71 posts)  4/30/2016 10:38 AM

Someone dropped Dee Gordon.

He is suspended 80 games.

I'm in ROTO League.

Do I make a claim for him?

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avatarkslight (2578 posts)  4/30/2016 11:00 AM

He should be back 7/29 so you'd get two months out of him.  Can he sit on your bench without costing you games played while he's out?

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avatarLGLP86 (71 posts)  4/30/2016 1:14 PM

Of course.  

Its ROTO so he won't cost me any games if he is benched.

I can use him in 2B or ULTI when he is back.

The real question in mind is if he's going to be productive when back at 7/29?

Worth a flier to drop the end of the bench guy for?

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