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avatarpoopoo  5/16/2016 1:00 PM

This is the only value that goes away after the game has started. Can we have this appear constant, even in games in previous weeks? Thanks.

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avatarkslight  5/16/2016 1:19 PM

They should remain there so I'll take a look.

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avatarpoopoo  5/16/2016 1:28 PM

thanks ken please let me know once you have implemented.

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avatarpoopoo  5/16/2016 1:31 PM

if you go to factors from yesterday for example, then you would get 0.00 not constant

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avatarkslight  5/16/2016 1:52 PM

This has been fixed and will be available tomorrow morning.

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avatarpoopoo  5/16/2016 8:58 PM

Thanks Ken, looking forward to it.

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