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avatarblombeck  7/31/2016 10:19 PM

How come when looking at past dates the predicted value is replaced with the actual value?? Shouldnt it stay like it was at lock??



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avatarkslight  8/1/2016 6:08 AM

if you uncheck "Show Actual Results if Available", the Value will show the past projected value.

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avatarblombeck  8/3/2016 8:46 PM

Cant seem to get it to work it still shows the actual value in the past projected column

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avatarkslight  8/3/2016 8:48 PM

I've updated your settings, and now past dates should show Value (Projected Value) and Actual Value.  How's it look now?

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avatarblombeck  8/4/2016 6:11 PM

Perfect thank you much

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