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avatarrsigler65  8/14/2016 10:58 AM

I noticed Wilson Ramos price is off today on FD...don't know about others

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avatarSuicidesqueezer  8/14/2016 11:23 AM

Devon Travis price is wrong.  Is 3200 on Fanduel. Not 3400.


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avatarkslight  8/14/2016 11:26 AM

There were some early/late pricing differences, and all prices should now match early.

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avatarrsigler65  8/16/2016 4:52 PM

The CSV export has J Reyes as SS in in the FD positions column

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avatarkslight  8/16/2016 5:02 PM

I believe he's at 3B now.  Does it look right for you?

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avatarrsigler65  8/16/2016 5:13 PM

yep, thanks.

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