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avatarBobby777  9/10/2016 2:06 PM

As a first year member of Baseball Monster, I have had very little success using the program.  In fact, I did much better without it last year.  Although it's a very small sample size, those have been my results. I have done stacking, non-stacking, and considered as much as possible up until game-time, but have had very poor results nonetheless when using this product.  I don't believe the projections are that accurate or advanced really.  Last night, was the first night, where I thought to myself, that the projections are just downright not adequate at all. Clayton Kershaw, who was reported to be on a pitch-count (there were more than sufficient rumors among those covering the team, well ahead of game-time) and was fully anticipated not go deep into the game at all, was projected to be the highest scoring pitcher, and to get 49 points on FD, by Baseball Monster. When the games started, I noticed he was only at 6% on FD GPPs.  I understand there is great variance in baseball on a day-to-day basis, but how can a guy who isn't going to be eligible for a win most likely (won't pitch 5 innings), and who is on a pitch-count, supposed to rack up 49 points, or even close to that number?  I will try Basketball Monster in the fall, as I believe that is the far better product.  I hope Baseball Monster becomes a better product down the road, but as of now, with projections like that, and the results I've had using this product, it's hard to make a case for paying for it again next year.  Thanks.

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avatarkslight  9/10/2016 2:33 PM

Yes, the projection should have had less innings.  I don't believe there was an official pitch count, but he lasted less than 4 due to more than 20 pitches per inning.  I believe the intention was to get him deeper into the game but likely not as high as we projected.

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avatar#49107  9/12/2016 8:07 AM


Is the primary reason the basketball site is better than this one due simply to just having more help there (i.e. Kyle, Josh, Matt)?

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avatarkslight  9/12/2016 8:39 AM

The baseball site is simply a daily projections site and has no content and no H2H/Roto coverage so it requires less people. I believe users are having success with both sites, but obviously individual users will judge the sites by their own results.

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avatar#49107  9/12/2016 9:42 AM

I'm sorry as I kind of missed the mark with my last post. I actually think the baseball site is very good and look forward to signing up again next season. My point (whether right or wrong), and speaking solely in regard to DFS projections, is that the basketball site seems to be superior. I don't actually even know this to be true though personally as I've enjoyed both products, but just going off of what others have said and you considering not having this site this year (but glad you did!).

Thanks again for all your hard work, Ken. Here's to a strong finish.

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avatarkslight  9/12/2016 9:54 AM

I think there's more complexity to the basketball projections so websites differ more than baseball.  For example, the minutes for basketball sites vary more than plate appearances for baseball since PAs are pretty easy to predict once you know the lineups.  From what I've seen, the baseball projections from sites are similar which makes sense since they all likely use similar inputs.

The differences are with the tools, timeliness of updates, stat options, optimizers , etc.  We've made advances in some of these areas but do have more we can do especially with the optimization.

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avatarSuicidesqueezer  9/12/2016 4:30 PM

I considered myself a rather seasoned DFS player.  I have used multiple products.  Baseball Monster in my opinion is the best there is.  If you are looking for quick optimized lineups I would go elsewhere.  I rarely look at the projections.  What makes this product superior are the stats and how they are presented.  I have used this product and it has drastically improved my winning percentage. Like any other program or source you have to do some of your own research and thinking.  Knowing Kershaw making his first start after a long layoff is probably going to be on a pitch count and his 11k price tag was a risk.  I would not give up on this site.  The key to winning in baseball is to develop your own process and sticking with it.  In baseball some nights you are going to win and some nights you are going to lose.

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