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avatarkslight  4/9/2013 8:23 AM

Many pages can now show the original Preseason Projections plus the new Remaining Projections.  The Remaining Projections tell you what we expect from each player for the rest of this season.  We will be updating these daily based on lineup changes, injuries, expected call-ups, etc.

If you have Custom Projections defined, the Remaining Projections still use the raw stats you entered.  We'll work on converting Custom Projections to a per-game value that is then prorated based on the number of games remaining for the player's team.


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avatarmymaus  4/9/2013 1:24 PM

As a reminder, don't use our imported number of games to do the games prorating. Many of us had to use games=1 for all players to make the import work. Thanks.

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avatarkslight  4/9/2013 2:46 PM

We'll have to convert custom into per-game and then prorate based on projected number of games.


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avatarmymaus  4/10/2013 1:35 AM

Hmm does this mean you ARE using our imported games=1 OR are you just using a games left on team schedule divided by totals OR are you using your projected games with our total stats. I think the ideal would be to take YOUR projected number of PA divided by YOUR projected number of games (PA/game) and then divide OUR PA by your PA/game to come up with OUR projected nubmer of games. Then use that for our games figure.

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avatarkslight  4/10/2013 10:23 AM

That sounds like the proper approach, and we'll plan on using that.  Currently, we are doing no adjusting and using the raw stats you entered.

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