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avatarkslight  4/9/2013 8:41 AM

Didn't play yesterday but wanted to get a lineup in today.  Hoping SEA can beat HOU making Maurer a good value.

Value Player   Pos Team Opp Salary
3.11 Mauer, Joe C MIN @ KC (Guthrie, Jeremy R) (Bats L) Order 2 $3,400
9.18 Maurer, Brandon P SEA HOU $3,100
2.56 Moreland, Mitch 1B TEX TB (Hernandez, Roberto R) (Bats L) Order 8 $2,400
3.48 Cano, Robinson 2B NYY @ CLE (Carrasco, Carlos R) (Bats L) Order 3 $4,100
2.43 Lowrie, Jed SS OAK @ LAA (Wilson, C.J. L) (Bats S) Order 2 $4,100
2.90 Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF COL (Nicasio, Juan R) (Bats S) Order 3 $3,900
4.10 Braun, Ryan OF MIL @ CHC (Wood, Travis L) (Bats R) Order 3 $5,300
3.23 Hamilton, Josh OF LAA OAK (Parker, Jarrod R) (Bats L) Order 4 $3,900
3.34 Upton, Justin OF ATL @ MIA (LeBlanc, Wade L) (Bats R) Order 3 $4,800
34.34 Total     9   $35,000


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