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avatarpoopoo  3/21/2017 10:15 PM

I remember two seasons ago the option to give a time period for ISO wOBA, was not available. Now you can get those stats of a selected period of time. can you tell me what the default period of time was before you implemented that?

Image for reference: 

Advanced L/R Splits  

Time Period   days

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avatarkslight  3/22/2017 9:23 AM

Previously, you could select Current Season, Past 2 Season, Past 3 Seasons, or Career.  Those are still there with the option of Past Days too.

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avatarpoopoo  6/6/2017 3:38 PM


What would I select for "Career" of a pool of players, i remember this option was there before. Why did you remove it?

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avatarpoopoo  6/6/2017 9:04 PM

Sorry to bug you Ken i know you are a busy guy. But is it possible to bring back career as a time period? Thanks for your response.

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avatarkslight  6/7/2017 1:58 AM

We used to have career totals which were used in the L/R splits.  We now use individual game stats (and then total them) since our data provider supplies play-by-play info.  They only have data back to 2014 so the longest period we use is 2014-today which is 4 years.  The hope was the most recent 4 years would be more relevant than career.

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avatarpoopoo  6/7/2017 8:46 AM


Thanks for your response, I've used selecting  the "career" option and received great success from it, much more than the other time periods.  If you could add that option back I'd greatly appreciate it, if its too much work to add that then I would understand bc I know youre a busy guy. I've used baseball and basketball monster for over 3 years now, I love and appreciate the effort you put in for us fantasy players. :)

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