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avatarcuseballer  5/24/2017 8:35 AM

So everytime I do a team analysis my percentages are blood red, yet compared to other teams It's actually pretty good. Why is this? MLB league batting average was .255 last season. Over the past month my team is batting .285 still blood red. In fact all the teams except one are red. So my question is why is considered a negative in the z-score algorithm if a team is hitting .30-.40 points above league average, and doing better than the rest of teams in my own league. Just doesn't make sense that every team is red, are we supposed to build a team .340 hitters? Not possible. 

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avatarkslight  5/28/2017 8:16 AM

For pitchers, many RP rank well because of their WHIP/ERA so it tends to push the average Values up which caause the red for many owned players.  I would use Summary Only under Team Analysis to compare actual owned players.

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