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avatardjiboush  8/8/2017 8:45 AM


Is there a place in the Player Rankings or Player Projections table that indicates (or should indicate) if the player is currently on the active major league roster (vs. in the minors, a free agent, on the DL)? The injury column includes DL players (but also day-to-day players, I think), but I cannot find an indicator of majors/minors/unemployed.

Love the site! Thanks!

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avatarkslight  8/8/2017 8:49 AM

I do store whether a player is Active or not, and I can look at displaying this.

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avatardjiboush  8/9/2017 12:20 PM

Thanks, K. There is a column called "Status" that never shows any data (for me, at least). Is this where such information is supposed to display, or is that column for something else?

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avatardjiboush  8/21/2017 10:58 AM

Just checking to see if there's any update on this issue.

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avatarkslight  8/21/2017 8:40 PM

Sorry for the delay, and I'll this ready by the weekend.

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avatardjiboush  8/22/2017 12:42 PM

No worries. And thank you for all the work you do on this site. It's fantastic!

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avatarkslight  8/28/2017 12:23 PM

The "Status" column will now show Inactive if the player is not active.  These are updated overnight so they may be incorrect on the day the player is activated.

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avatardjiboush  8/30/2017 9:24 PM

Fantastic! Thanks, K!

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