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avatarslimdagreat  3/2/2018 1:28 PM

I did the upload directly from fangraphs and I'm getting a lot of errors on certain players.

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avatarkslight  3/2/2018 3:16 PM

Currently, players not on rosters are not imported.  We'll update rosters daily so you may want to import periodically as free agents are signed.

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avatarslimdagreat  3/3/2018 8:32 AM


Thanks Gotcha. 


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avatar#65159  3/3/2018 11:13 AM

How do you delete projections? I wanted to add a different set but it keeps the same ones every time i try and upload them. 

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avatarkslight  3/3/2018 11:54 AM

There are delete options now.

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avatarslimdagreat  3/3/2018 12:34 PM

I'm noticing random guys who are on teams like Bryce Harper aren't coming over when i do the standard Fangraphs file

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avatarslimdagreat  3/3/2018 12:38 PM

actually it looks like they came over, certain guys don't show up when you do team analysis even though their projections show they were updated

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avatarkslight  3/3/2018 2:27 PM

I did not see Harper in your Projections.  You do, or did the import miss him?

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avatarwatso  3/3/2018 3:27 PM

Trying to upload projections from fantasy pros. Error message for hitters is "can't find AB" and for pitchers "can't find IP". 

As always, thanks for the help.

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avatar#65159  3/3/2018 11:18 PM

Now i am getting the "cant find AB" and "cant find IP" these same projections worked the other day...hmmm

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avatarkslight  3/4/2018 8:44 AM

I would try importing again. Also, there seem to be a lot of free agents that are worth owning that the import ignores too.  We'll look at allowing these too.

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avatardmbergs06  3/4/2018 2:18 PM

Thank you again for all your hard work and time in creating/maintaining Baseball Monster! On the projections, is there still an option to show both Total and Per Game Values? In the past version, there was a primary sort/rank, with an option to also show a secondary value (like PPG or past season, etc).

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avatarslimdagreat  3/5/2018 11:27 AM

Love the site by the way and I appreciate all the work you put in.

In a different league I imported the same thing happens, when I view my team's analysis page this is what I see.

   32923 48 (+19) 980.98OF 0.45Rhys Hoskins PHI1B/OF251405168413698701270.264370.8902746222.011.760.891.32-0.311.31-0.451.34
   45639 78 (+22) 970.461B -0.08Eric Hosmer SD1B281455567515885611130.284250.8322645510.430.830.191.020.930.49-0.660.43
   68255 143 (+61) 910.233B -0.18Evan Longoria SF3B321435577415086441120.269230.7882565810.170.900.110.770.020.84-0.66-0.33
   68457 51 (-33) 980.222B 0.08Daniel Murphy WAS2B32121468691467339600.312160.867232522-0.75-0.03-
   1317799 202 (+25) 83-0.312B -0.45Ozzie Albies ATL2B211365427214858431110.273120.7512274710-1.28-1.09-0.05-0.110.24-0.451.22-0.94
   15207111 154 (-53) 90-0.38OF -0.92Ian Happ CHC2B/OF231224556511469461390.251240.7882114730.30-0.31-0.60-0.60-0.92-0.45-0.24-0.25
   62867203 236 (-631) 12-1.39SS -1.33Dansby Swanson ATLSS241284464911550511010.25890.719170352-1.68-1.66-1.85-1.85-0.54-1.86-0.45-1.21
         -0.17-4.89Avg Stats/Total Values  269353,5404889675193547630.2731460.8061,63435621-0.800.39-1.600.611.630.02-1.700.05


   67125 154 (+83) 870.28SP -0.44Danny Salazar CLESP2836154.0130636360184203.681.231101500.66-0.560.440.230.95-0.340.62
   1114664 242 (+96) 9-0.19SP -0.92Luiz Gohara ATLSP2123130.0116555555137153.811.3280110-0.11-0.560.09-0.600.07-0.340.08
   1216670 234 (+68) 19-0.26SP -0.98Miles Mikolas STLSP2921120.0121565626111184.201.2380110-0.11-0.56-0.720.26-0.42-0.340.08
   1317073 259 (+89) 52-0.27SP -1.00Alexander Reyes STLSP2326102.085434349121123.791.3170100-0.36-0.560.09-0.46-0.23-0.34-0.05
   1317174 228 (+57) 74-0.28SP -1.01Dinelson Lamet SDSP2524140.0121646466156194.111.3480110-0.11-0.56-0.63-0.850.43-0.340.08
   16222108 224 (+2) 77-0.41SP -1.14Sean Manaea OAKSP2629173.0178858558147244.421.361001400.40-0.56-1.69-1.420.26-0.340.49
   17230113   5-0.45RP -0.47Walker Buehler LADRP231856.0462020236753.211.234060-1.12-0.560.600.09-1.24-0.34-0.59
   18252130 252 (0) 33-0.53SP -1.26Jimmy Nelson MILSP281694.09244443393124.211.336080-0.61-0.56-0.58-0.53-0.75-0.34-0.32
   21281151 236 (-45) 34-0.60RP -0.61Alex Claudio TEXRP266565.0692828204863.881.3732000-1.381.11-0.03-0.56-1.60-0.34-1.40
   31429277 243 (-186) 8-0.82SP -1.55Daniel Mengden OAKSP2523129.0135696950103194.811.4370100-0.36-0.56-2.12-1.74-0.57-0.34-0.05
         -3.54-18.75Avg Stats/Total Values  252811,163.01,0935275274401,1671504.081.327220960-3.10-3.96-4.55-5.58-3.10-3.44-1.04

However when I hit Insert My Team Analyis here they all show up.

Some notable guys who don't show above.
Domingo Santana, Puig, Brinson, Fisher, Conforto and Eloy and those are just the hitters.

14 Teams | 12 Hitters Per Team [8 Active = HR RBI R TB BA XBH NETSB OPS] | 8 Pitchers Per Team [7 Active = W SV ERA WHIP SO HLD QS]

32923 48 (+19)0.98Rhys Hoskins  PHI1B/OF1405168413698701270.264370.8902746222.011.760.891.32-0.311.31-0.451.34
45639 78 (+22)0.46Eric Hosmer  SD1B1455567515885611130.284250.8322645510.430.830.191.020.930.49-0.660.43
68255 143 (+61)0.23Evan Longoria  SF3B1435577415086441120.269230.7882565810.170.900.110.770.020.84-0.66-0.33
68356 121 (+38)0.22Yasiel Puig  LADOF126454691287854960.282240.8682295140.300.33-0.28-0.050.650.02-0.030.87
68457 51 (-33)0.22Daniel Murphy Questionable - october 2017 right knee surgery - possibly opening day WAS2B121468691467339600.312160.867232522-0.75-0.03-
79061 78 (-12)0.11Domingo Santana  MILOF1364947512779691630.257260.8272335330.560.400.190.07-0.640.25-0.240.31
1317799 202 (+25)-0.31Ozzie Albies  ATL2B1365427214858431110.273120.7512274710-1.28-1.09-0.05-0.110.24-0.451.22-0.94
15207111 154 (-53)-0.38Ian Happ  CHC2B/OF1224556511469461390.251240.7882114730.30-0.31-0.60-0.60-0.92-0.45-0.24-0.25
19265126 209 (-56)-0.56Michael Conforto Injured - september 2017 shoulder surgery - possibly may

Projected Return 5/15/2018

62867203 236 (-631)-1.39Dansby Swanson  ATLSS1284464911550511010.25890.719170352-1.68-1.66-1.85-1.85-0.54-1.86-0.45-1.21
66912247 250 (-662)-1.97Lewis Brinson  MIAOF7326231673322650.25690.744111243-1.68-2.88-3.26-3.64-0.38-3.15-0.24-0.50
66913248  -1.97Derek Fisher  HOUOF7325135613526740.243100.733104224-1.54-2.73-2.95-3.86-0.71-3.38-0.03-0.56
71990325 252 (-738)-2.65David Dahl  COLOF321221634189310.27940.78455121-2.34-3.94-4.44-5.350.13-4.56-0.66-0.07
751046381  -3.03Eloy Jimenez  CHWOF166381794150.27030.7742961-2.47-4.59-5.07-6.140.01-5.26-0.66-0.04
     -9.94Avg Stats/Total Values   14955,5797841,5038315881,3120.2692440.8082,58656838-7.92-13.97-18.25-19.580.27-16.86-4.241.03
     -3.71Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   13435,0016981,3507445251,1610.2702150.8072,31150635-3.15-4.48-7.91-6.870.54-6.24-2.250.67
67125 154 (+83)0.28Danny Salazar Questionable - right shoulder inflammation - possibly opening day CLESP36154.0130636360184203.681.231101500.66-0.560.440.230.95-0.340.62
1114664 242 (+96)-0.19Luiz Gohara Questionable - left groin strain - possibly opening day ATLSP23130.0116555555137153.811.3280110-0.11-0.560.09-0.600.07-0.340.08
1216670 234 (+68)-0.26Miles Mikolas  STLSP21120.0121565626111184.201.2380110-0.11-0.56-0.720.26-0.42-0.340.08
1317073 259 (+89)-0.27Alexander Reyes Injured - tommy john surgery - possibly may 1

Projected Return 5/1/2018

1317174 228 (+57)-0.28Dinelson Lamet  SDSP24140.0121646466156194.111.3480110-0.11-0.56-0.63-0.850.43-0.340.08
16222108 224 (+2)-0.41Sean Manaea  OAKSP29173.0178858558147244.421.361001400.40-0.56-1.69-1.420.26-0.340.49
17230113  -0.45Walker Buehler  LADRP1856.0462020236753.211.234060-1.12-0.560.600.09-1.24-0.34-0.59
18252130 252 (0)-0.53Jimmy Nelson Injured - september 2017 right shoulder surgery - possibly first half of 2018

Projected Return 6/1/2018

21281151 236 (-45)-0.60Alex Claudio  TEXRP6565.0692828204863.881.3732000-1.381.11-0.03-0.56-1.60-0.34-1.40
31429277 243 (-186)-0.82Daniel Mengden  OAKSP23129.0135696950103194.811.4370100-0.36-0.56-2.12-1.74-0.57-0.34-0.05
     -3.54Avg Stats/Total Values   2811,163.01,0935275274401,1671504.081.327220960-3.10-3.96-4.55-5.58-3.10-3.44-1.04
     -2.30Avg Stats/Total Values (active)   226893.08344074073588961154.101.335420710-1.25-2.27-3.85-5.39-0.68-2.41-0.22

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avataryellowpools  3/9/2018 10:46 AM

My league uses Opponent's Batting Average as a pitching category, but when I add it to the Steamer projections CSV, every pitcher projection shows 0.000 OBA but all other stats show up correctly. Is the OBA header correct for the CSV file? I have also tried AVG and BAA.

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avatarkslight  3/9/2018 12:10 PM

I'll see what I can find for Pitcher OBA.

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avatarscoobydoo  3/16/2018 9:43 AM

I'm attempting to import my own custom projections from a google sheet doc.  I've saved as a CSV and as an XLS document and still can't get it to upload.  It doesn't say anything about an error or anything so I'm trying to figure out what is happening.  I don't have any positions listed. 

If nothing else, is there a way to customize the Fangraphs projections once imported?  It would take a while but if I could manually change some projections then that'll work too if I can't get the import working.

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avatarkslight  3/16/2018 9:48 AM

Can you email me the csv or xls?

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avataryellowpools  4/19/2018 8:06 PM

I sent an email containing my CSV to the above address because I am still having issues importing pitchers' OBA.

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