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avatarHopeful_Cubsfan  3/5/2018 10:49 AM

Still having issues authenticating ESPN. Has anyone else been able to get it to go through?

CBS import has been successful. Haven't tried Yahoo yet this year.

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avatarthegigantes  3/10/2018 12:59 AM

I'm still having issues authenticating ESPN. Yahoo has worked for me.

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avatarramiran87  3/10/2018 9:50 AM

Not working for me either and draft is in an hour =/

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avatarkslight  3/10/2018 10:41 AM

Unfortunately, the ESPN authentication is not working.  I would highly recommend Yahoo! or FanTrax over ESPN.

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avatarHopeful_Cubsfan  3/10/2018 11:15 AM

Any chance of getting that workaround that you implemented to basketball monster? The one where you can upload your rosters via an html page?

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avatarkslight  3/10/2018 11:41 AM

Yes, we can do rosters, but I don't think there's a workaround for the draft tracker.

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avatarHopeful_Cubsfan  3/10/2018 1:36 PM

Perfect. Already drafted via couchmanagers and just need it for the roster management

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avatarLBDirtbag10  3/13/2018 3:44 PM

Do you think they'll eventually be a fix for this?

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avatarkslight  3/13/2018 3:51 PM

Yes, I believe so.  The solution is technically possible, just not for me at the moment.

We'll add an alternative team import in the next few days.

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avatarLBDirtbag10  3/13/2018 4:39 PM

Awesome. Thanks again for all your hard work. 

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avatarshort_stack  3/19/2018 12:34 AM

Ken, I'm having an issue authorizing Yahoo. This is what pops up, " an error occurred authorizing Yahoo!" Do you have any ideas why that might be happening? Thank you

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avatarkslight  3/19/2018 6:13 AM

Can you try authenticating Yahoo again?

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avatarjtcctj  3/19/2018 9:50 AM

I have to retry Yahoo a couple times occasionally, but it always ends up working in the end. 

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avatarcoleblack  3/19/2018 12:05 PM

What is the work around for putting in rosters?

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avatarkslight  3/19/2018 3:37 PM

On Team Players, there's now an alternate method for uploading ESPN rosters.  Unfortunately, I don't have an ESPN league to test, but I believe it'll work.

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avatarHopeful_Cubsfan  3/19/2018 4:33 PM

Works! Took me 2 tries but that's a tremendous time saver. Thank you Ken. 

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avatarDesert Rat  3/20/2018 5:54 PM

Works perfect today.  Thanks

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avatarTooSteep  3/26/2018 4:53 PM

Our draft is tomorrow, and unfortunately the league is set on using ESPN. Any chance I can be linked in to the ESPN draft with the draft tracker? I have used it with BasketballMonster, and it is great!

I tried authorizing ESPN on the 'Team Players' page, and it doesn't seem to work. Is the ability to connect to ESPN still broken?

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avatarkslight  3/26/2018 4:56 PM

Unfortunately, it's still broken with the draft tracker.  We do have a way to import rosters once you're finished however.

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avatarTooSteep  3/27/2018 11:51 PM

Finished our draft, and tried importing rosters from ESPN using the method outlined on the 'Team Players' page - exporting Rosters to HTML and importing the file. It works for a few seconds, but at the end fails with an error of "No teams were imported. Check your ESPN League Id."

I put the correct league ID in the field, but I cannot use the 'Import from ESPN' button, as the authorization fails. Any usggestions on how to import my league?

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