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avataroscarsf  4/16/2018 9:12 PM

I have a team in a 16-team, H2H league (hitting categories: R, RBI, K, PA, OPS, N/SB. pitching categories: IP, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS, N Sv/Hld) that needs a new general manager. Las Estellas Rojas is currently 10-13-1 but has mucho potential. You'll inherit Billy Hamilton, Alex Bregman, Justin Upton, Manuel Margot, Ketel Marte, Noah Syndergaard, and Aaron Sanchez. You will need to rebuild part of your starting rotation.


This is a free league that is entering its ninth season. We keep five players at the end of each season with no penalties, so it's easy to build a competitive team year-to-year. We have a weekly league blog ( and a daily Facebook "Sports Page" (


If you are interested in joining a fun, free, league, contact me at 

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