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avatarSHERMANS_TANKS  1/17 4:42 PM

Hope so. It was a great tool last year

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avatarkslight  1/23 10:26 AM

Yes, we'll be back and ideally as a membership site.  The goal is to have something ready late-February.

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avatarhitchrock  1/23 6:37 PM

Would this mean no longer having to import projections and similar function to the Basketball counterpart? 

Appreciate all of your work and product!

Any potential combo deal for membership between the two sports?

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avatarkslight  1/24 9:23 AM

We'll have our own projections, and you'll also be able to import from others.

For now pricing will be independent of basketball, but the goal is to consolate all sites some day.

Also, baseball will not have all the features of basketball, but we'll be adding during the season.

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avatar#49107  1/25 8:52 AM

Ken, Will DFS projections exist for 2019?

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avatarkslight  1/26 9:57 AM

For DFS we'll make a decision well before the season begins.

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avatarHopeful_Cubsfan  1/27 5:37 PM

I'm eager for at least the drafting software this season. The auto-refreshing from Yahoo is such a huge help. 

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avatarbobmcadoo78  1/31 8:55 PM

That's great news.  I've really missed having you guys run the full feature subscription option.  Uploading the projections never seemed to work that well and I can almost correlate doing not as well in my league once the switch occured.  Maybe that part is just in my head. lol

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avatarRapierman   2/1 5:28 PM

Alright, I think I've retired long enough.  That itch is flaring up and it needs scratching.

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avatardoublelettuce  2/2 2:36 AM

Please allow for free uploading of projections & rosters with other features behind a paywall. Some of us have league settings that don't use traditional stats & uploading our own projections for free has been a godsend.

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avatarnoconstant  2/2 6:02 AM

I’m so glad to hear this is gonna keep going. I don’t see a reason why this can’t become as big as basketball monster.

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avatarwill6809  2/5 4:08 PM

How close is the site for this year being ready.

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avatarnatrace2  2/5 7:34 PM

I hope you do DFS.

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avatarwill6809  2/7 1:39 PM

Will Baseball Monster have draft tracker this year.This will be my first year playing fantasy baseball and i need all the help i can get. Thanks

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avatarkslight  2/8 6:19 PM

We'll have the ability to upload projections and see rankings this weekend.  Then we'll get the draft tracking going.

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avatarwill6809  2/9 8:05 AM

Whats the cost of season long going to be.

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avatarkslight  2/10 1:22 PM

Not sure on price but not too much.

You can now import projections and see Projected Ranks, Projected Standings, etc.  I'll work on getting team imports and draft tracking going next.

Things will likely be free until we get our own projections finished.

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatarwill6809  2/10 2:10 PM

During the season how can baseball monster help me in my league if that makes since. I have never used your tools for any sport.

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avatarQPiz25  2/12 9:42 AM

Is there a place we can go to access last year's DFS projections?

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avatarapharr1  2/15 11:02 AM

How do you import projections?

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avatarpatrickbarnhart  2/15 3:37 PM

Hi BaseballMonster staff, Thanks so much for getting this up and running. Great tool ever year. In prior years, you had great instructions on how to upload/clean up/troubleshoot projections importing. Any chance you can share those instructions again? I'm getting a ton of unmatched players when I import Steamer projections from Frangraphs (Ohtani, Senzel, etc...) Thanks!

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avatarpoopoo  2/17 3:46 PM

Ken, Would it be possible to get career L/R splits? Instead of past 3-5 years? Or can i pay you extra to get those career stats this baseball year? Thanks for ure response.

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avatarshort_stack  2/20 11:19 AM

Ken, thank you so much for running the site again in 2019. Your site is one of the best!

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatarblombeck  2/20 11:08 PM

DFS again this year. Please !!!!

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avatargball  2/23 9:08 AM

Any word on DFS MLB daily projections for 2019? Please bring it back!!

100% Agree (3 votes)
avatarapharr1  2/24 9:18 PM

When do you think your rankings will be up? Thanks for all you do!

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avatarkslight  2/25 11:43 AM

Not sire about DFS.

Regular season projections are still a couple of weeks away.  Hitters will be done first, and I can enable those earlier.

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avatarthehazyone  2/27 11:56 AM

If no DFS this year, can you do something to show stats for the past 7 days, 14 days, etc?  I don't need projections but it would be nice to be able to get stats and maybe the salaries for the different sites.

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avatarDsnutts123  3/1 10:32 AM

I haven’t played fantasy sports since 2014, but when I did play I used basketballmonster and baseballmonster and I won championships in both sports!!!  I can’t wait for this site to be up and running, please don’t stop this site I get such an unfair advantage over my competition.  Anyone considering this site,.... don’t think twice is the real deal, worth every penny!

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avatarwatso  3/2 1:43 PM

When will the draft tracker be active?

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avatarkslight  3/2 2:27 PM

It's active now:

100% Agree (2 votes)
avatarHouCoogs  3/2 3:06 PM

Hooray!  I love this site and the people who manage it.  Thank you.

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avatarkundra  3/3 1:02 PM

Any update on projections? Would like to draft with your projections on hand if possible. Thanks in advance guys

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avatar#49107  3/4 8:18 AM

Please offer DFS! :)

100% Agree (4 votes)
avatarkslight  3/4 10:18 AM

Working on projections this week and should have hitters ready in a few days.  I hope to have it all going for next week.

100% Agree (7 votes)
avatarDsnutts123  3/7 1:41 PM

when will the site be up?  My draf is on the 16th....

100% Agree (2 votes)
avatarnoconstant  3/8 8:57 AM

The site is up, draft tracker is working fine, just upload your projections and you are ready.

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatar#49107  3/8 1:11 PM

Ken, When do you expect a decision will be made on DFS?

100% Agree (2 votes)
avatareagsixcards  3/9 8:45 PM

Would gladly pay for BBM DFS. 

100% Agree (3 votes)
avatarshort_stack  3/11 12:15 PM

Ken, PLEASE bring back the DFS portion.

100% Agree (1 vote)
avatarlevofb1907  3/12 1:30 PM

Is the draft tracker working? I cannot get it to connect to ESPN for my mocks (keep getting invalid username even though I am using the same login as the one to import my league). Wanted to check if this is mock draft specific so I can plan accordingly for the actual draft.

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avatarkslight  3/12 2:20 PM

We'll have an alternate method for ESPN ready tomorrow.  We can't connect to their drafts any more so it's a copy/paste from the draft room.  It's not ideal but worked OK for basketball.

50% Agree (2 votes)
avatarlevofb1907  3/13 2:35 PM

Perfect, I used it there and know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you!

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avatarjoecarterfan  3/15 10:35 AM

Any more news on DFS being ready for 2019? Thanks!

100% Agree (2 votes)
avatargoldja  3/15 11:22 AM

Trying to upload rankings from FanGraphs without success.  Working for anyone else?  And advice?

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avatarkslight  3/15 12:00 PM

Can you email me the CSV:

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