Trouble Importing CBS

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avatar#37340 (37 posts)  2/15 11:55 AM

I am still running into errors when trying to import a CBS league. Is this active?

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avatar#37340 (37 posts)  2/17 1:19 PM


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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  2/17 3:48 PM

I have not verified CBS yet though I believe some users have done it.  Currently, Yahoo and FanTrax are working, but I can look at CBS next.

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avatarFREAK19 (1 posts)  2/19 4:07 PM

Just inquiring....but is there an area on the site (much like basketball monster) with which we can produce draft lists based on our respective league's scoring & settings? Appreciate it very much. In addition, is there any ability to join any leagues out there that may have openings?? Thank you.

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avatar#37340 (37 posts)  2/27 7:57 PM

It still looks like CBS import is not working :(

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/1 9:07 AM

Are you using the same username and password that work here:

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avatar#37340 (37 posts)  3/1 11:25 PM

Yep - just confirmed and it still doesn't work. Just says no teams were imported.

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avatar#37340 (37 posts)  3/7 2:38 PM

Hate to be a pain on this but can we see if we can get CBS imports fixed? Thanks and looking forward to this being a pay-for site again!

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/7 8:24 PM

I did check the log again, and CBS still shows a login issue.  Can you try using your CBS email rather than username?

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