Importing Yahoo League

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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/5 5:20 PM

Hey Guys - How would I go about importing my yahoo league team and settings? I'm trying to find the area where I enter my yahoo league Id, and can't seem to find it. Or is this manual setup unlike Basketball Monster?



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avataronejayhawk (9 posts)  3/5 6:23 PM

Sign in, of course. Go to the home page (click on the green Baseball Monster). Import Yahoo league is one of the options. After importing go to to settings and double check to make sure everything is correct. 


You can also import projections from Fangraphs.  a few of the players don't come through, but it gives you a reasonable start. 

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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/5 7:22 PM

I tried that before and it just takes me to the team players area. Am I missing a step? When I imported for basketball monster, It gave me an area where I entered my yahoo league ID, verified the connection, then synced the league teams and players over. 


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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/5 7:23 PM

Figured it out - the "show all imports" button was unchecked. Once I checked that it brought in the area I was looking for!

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/5 7:42 PM

It should work also if you set your type to Yahoo under League Settings:

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avatarhalpink31 (5 posts)  3/9 8:30 PM

I'm getting a duplicate key error when importing my yahoo league. 4100

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/10 9:18 AM

Which of your leagues is this?  I didn't see one with ID 4100.

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avatarhalpink31 (5 posts)  3/11 6:08 AM

Odd Balls - yahoo ID 4100

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/11 8:41 AM

This will work now.  It was an Ohtani issue so I'm glad he's only a hitter this season.

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