2019 Hitter Projections are ready

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/8 12:49 PM

You can access these under Projections and the Draft Tracker.  Feel free to post your thoughts here.

We should have pitchers ready in a few days.

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avatar#11212 (11 posts)  3/8 1:00 PM

thanks so much!

can i ask how you come up with your projections? are they totally homegrown, or a combination of the popular ones (zips, steamer, etc), or something else? 

only curious because i've found them to be the most accurate over the years...

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/8 1:36 PM

We put these together,  Most stats are automated, and then we set percent playing time at each batting order.  

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avatarjhult95 (1 posts)  3/8 2:45 PM

How do I access the projections? All I see are last years.

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/8 8:42 PM

Make sure you're looking at Projections rather than Player Rankings which is last year's results.


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avatarrolexman2 (6 posts)  3/8 10:56 PM

please do a pay  dfs baseball monster i love basketball monster and would for sure pay 

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avatarpacino1228 (9 posts)  3/9 2:01 PM

I have a draft tomorrow night, so I just downloaded all the source files from Fangraphs and imported them for pitchers. All were succesful except for ZIPS. It said the CSV file didn't have a saves category. Do you still know a way I can get the ZIPS data in without the saves category?

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avatarDsnutts123 (9 posts)  3/9 8:28 PM

for me it still shows player rankings from 2018, I clicked the link above.... thank you

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avatarcraigfc8 (9 posts)  3/11 9:35 AM

I have imported all that scoring (except intentional walks) from my ESPN league but it doesn't show the correct fantasy points from last season's players... not sure why... is anyone else having this issue?

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/11 9:38 AM

Can you give me an example of one that's off?  I'll check our stats to make sure they match MLB.com.

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avatarcraigfc8 (9 posts)  3/11 12:34 PM

It turns out the difference is that my ESPN league counts both walks (+1) and intentional walks (+1) in the scoring... but I can't add intentional walks (+1) as a scoring item on Baseball Monster under league settings... can this be added?

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/11 1:10 PM

Yeah, I just need to make sure I have that stat first.

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avatarcraigfc8 (9 posts)  3/11 1:12 PM

Awesome! It is on 2nd page over (Next Stats) on mlb.com and listed as IBB (1st category). Let me know, thanks!

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avatarDsnutts123 (9 posts)  3/11 8:20 PM

ken, I’m logged into my account which I don’t believe has been active since 2015.  I’m obviously able to log in but when I go to projections it shows the yahoo league ID I was in back then.  I enter my new league ID but I don’t get updated 2019 projections.  I get 2018 end of season rankings.  I’m not sure what is not properly syncing.  I also have not been asked to pay to join the site yet which I would obviously love to do and possibly maybe join DFS membership as well.  Thanks for all of your help.

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avatarfabeaka (7 posts)  3/12 9:43 AM

Hey Ken, 

I thank you for all you do. Best site on the planet. When can we expect pitcher projections? Trying to coordinate for tonight's draft. Thank you!




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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/12 10:24 AM

Thanks.  The pitchers won't be ready for tonight.  I would recommend importing pitchers from FanGraphs for now.


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avatarcraigfc8 (9 posts)  3/12 11:27 AM

Do you anticipate being able to add intentional walks to scoring and the pitcher's projections by Saturday night? That's when my draft is... thanks Ken!

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avatar#31559 (7 posts)  3/12 6:15 PM

Lots of drafts this Saturday, I bet. It would be awesome if your excellent pitcher projections were available before then. applause

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avatarDsnutts123 (9 posts)  3/13 6:36 PM

hey guys I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but I cannot seem to get anything more than 2018 rankings/projections.  I have entered my league ID everywhere possible, I’ve refreshed, I opened projections, draft tracker and I get 2018 every time, it seems to default to last years league.  Also every time I authorize yahoo with my new league ID it shows last years league with the owner who owned the player last year.  Also as ai mentioned before I haven’t been asked to pay to sign up for the site this year either.  I’ve posted a few times with no reply but my draft is Saturday and baseballmonster is the site I plan to use for my projections and my research has yet to start.  Help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/13 7:55 PM

The draft tracker and team players are likely showing old rosters.  Once you draft, you should be able to import the new ones.  For now, you can clear out the teams and the selections on the draft tracker.  If you need help, just let me know which leagues.

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avatarDsnutts123 (9 posts)  3/14 11:50 AM

when drafting is it better to select total value or per game value?

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/14 12:13 PM

I use total.

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avatarphilip554 (2 posts)  3/15 1:11 PM

Hey Ken, Thank you for the hitter projections!  When do you anticipate your pitcher projections being available?  Thanks

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/15 1:12 PM

Working on them now so tomorrow at the latest.

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/16 7:40 AM

Pitchers are there now.

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avatarlevofb1907 (5 posts)  3/21 9:49 AM

Are we sure these projections are working? For example hitters seem significantly underranked. A guy like Jurickson Profar is ranked 808. I get that he's not a stud, but that seems extremely low does it not? Further, Eloy Jimenez is not even on there. Just want to be sure I am not missing something before draft day.

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/21 10:40 AM

For Profar, we have him playing a good amount but the low average kills his value (0.233).  Obvioulsly, he could hit better than that.

For Jimenez, he's getting less playing time since he's starting in the minors.

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avatarlevofb1907 (5 posts)  3/21 1:25 PM

I see; appreciate the response!

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avatarpuntfreethrows (32 posts)  3/22 2:11 PM

Just curious - but what is the game plan for the Baseball Monste Projections? Are these only uploaded as pre season projections? Will they be updated with ROS values? Will projections be updated throughout the season to more closely match a players actual performance?

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avatarkslight (2595 posts)  3/23 11:08 AM

We'll be charging $ for the in-season projections so they'll be updated daily.  The same with short-term projections.

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